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Misty Waters: Your escape from the human zoo

“Natural jungle versus concrete jungle. Abstract versus concrete. Materialistic versus spiritual. It’s your choice. A life in a natural jungle with giving more to concrete things which will lead to spiritual life, or a life in concrete jungle with giving importance to abstract things which will lead to materialistic life” (Naveen Kumar).

The unpleasant living environment of high density, unattractive buildings in an urban area… the concrete jungle that we are all bound to in some way. Whether it be your 9 to 5 job in Johannesburg with inevitable traffic, or your ordinary day-to-day activities in Pretoria, such as grocery shopping and long queues at the bank. The chance to break away from these everyday banal tasks we find ourselves chained to would be bliss. A disruption within the human zoo. All of the preceding statements can become your reality, and this article will guide you on how to escape the human zoo. Tip: your freedom is not far away or out of reach.

Think wide open blue skies, not a cloud nor towering skyscraper insight. The cheerful chirping of birds, joyfully resting in the weaving branches of willow trees, not sitting in a prison-like line on an electrical wire. Lush green grass neighboured by a mystical lake – littered cans and plastic bags not included. Enjoy sleeping under the stars, and actually being able to see the stars away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life. For one weekend, leave all of your city habits and worries behind and experience the natural jungle and abstract things that Misty Waters Music Festival has to offer.

Happening at Lake Umuzi in Mpumalanga, Misty Waters is far yet near. The perfect location for a music festival. It is far enough from the big cities to create the sense of dissociation from your regular city life, yet still near that it can be a quick weekend getaway. Misty Waters is a stone throw away from Johannesburg with only 130km laying between the two locations – the perfect mini road trip. Not far out of the city, you will be spoiled with beautiful green fields stretching for many kilometres. The remnants of the annual pink-purple kosmos flowers befriends the fields and creates a stroke of colour that leads you to the transcendent weekend of Misty Waters. It is also the beautiful colour of the kosmos flower that helped inspire the purple in the Misty Waters branding.

Now, for all the Snorcity festies getting amped for their Misty Waters Music Festival experience, have no fear. You will be pleased to know that it is not a long, perilous road to a desolate, dusty town…or Northam. It is a quick trip of 160km – far enough to get acquainted with the Misty Waters Spotify Soundtrack (if you aren’t already, which you definitely should be), yet near enough to leave the pillow for the car journey at home.

Remember, the city is not only a concrete jungle, but a human zoo. It is time to escape the human zoo, and head to Lake Umuzi where you can roam like the free animal you truly are. Get your escape ticket today and head to the natural jungle of Misty Waters, experience true freedom May 10 – May 12.

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