Frisbee Golf


Looking for an enjoyable and family-friendly activity in Secunda? Look no further than Frisbee Golf at Lake Umuzi South Bank! This thrilling twist on the classic game combines the excitement of golf with the laid-back vibes of frisbee tossing.

It’s a game that knows no age limit, making it the perfect choice for an epic day out with your loved ones. Whether you’re an ace at throwing or just want to try something new, Frisbee Golf guarantees endless entertainment for everyone. Plus, did we mention it’s ideal for team-building events? That’s right! Gather your colleagues, bond over friendly competitions, and watch as the spirit of camaraderie takes flight. So, bring your A-game and a smile, because, at Lake Umuzi South Bank Secunda, Frisbee Golf is where unforgettable memories are made. Let the good times soar!


Located at Lake Umuzi South Bank, book your Tee-Time through the WhatsApp number below!

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