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Tjin Trommelen Performing in Secunda

Tijn Trommelen to performing at Lake Umuzi Secunda South Africa

Johannesburg based jazz impresario and musician, Anthony Yoko, has just returned from a series of successful concerts in Europe with Dutch and Belgian musicians, of which one concert in particular raised funds for two local charities, namely the ‘Rampya Chiefs’ soccer team for underprivileged children in Johannesburg townships and the ‘Nothing Impossible’ cheche for infants in Matsulu, Mpumalanga.

The collaboration with the musicians from the Netherlands has resulted in a short visit to South Africa during the month of July by the popular jazz guitarist/singer Tijn Trommelen and saxophonist Antoine Trommelen who will be joined by the outstanding South African jazz pianist Roland Moses, with Marc Duby on double bass and Anthony Yoko on Drums.

These wonderful and highly talented musicians will be entertaining guests at the Lake Umuzi Charity Ball on Saturday evening 20th July with a variety of jazz renditions of popular songs made famous by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Michael Buble and many others.

This unique and once-off concert is not to be missed and proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to RATA, an NGO providing support and protection for children and families in need of care.

For more information and ticket sales contact Alma today on 083 657 5411

Tijn Trommelen to performing at Lake Umuzi Secunda South Africa

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