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7 Must-haves for Misty Waters Music Festival

Packing list for Misty Waters Music Festival 2024

Misty Waters Music Festival is only a few weeks away and as with any outdoor camping festival, it is good to be prepared. Misty Waters is unique to other festivals in that we offer several luxury accommodation options and restaurants within walking distance from where all the action takes place. Unlike many other music festivals, our open camping area is located on lush grass, presents multiple water and electricity points and abundant shade. Gone are the days where music festival camping requires a survival kit, water supply for 2 weeks and a hepatitis A shot. Even our open camping is luxurious at Misty Waters Music Festival.

Having said that, it’s always good to be prepared. Below we provide 7 must-haves to prepare yourself for the enchanted weekend starting on 26th of April, 2024.

1. Clothes

As much as we like to consider ourselves free-spirted and open-minded, we also pride ourselves on being a family friendly festival. Let’s pack some clothes and keep the kids’ future therapy costs to a minimum. Be sure to pack a pair of warm pants, a hoodie and certainly shoes that you don’t carry too close to your heart. There’s always a chance of rain in Secunda. Naturally, you need to bring your sunscreen and actually use it – yes, we sound like your mother.

7 Must-haves for Misty Waters Music Festival

2. Toiletries

There are many ways you can stay fresh and look good during a 3 day outdoor festival. We suggest investing in some dry shampoo and wet wipes. Luckily Misty Waters has modern ablutions available to all attendees. The ablutions at Lake Umuzi, where Misty Waters takes place, offer spacious showers with everlasting hot water.

7 Must-haves for Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa

3. Tent – if you’re camping

For those camping at our open camping area, which is included in your festival ticket, we highly suggest packing your tent. For only R590 per person our festival ticket includes access to the festival ground, camping at our open camping area, the 22 shows taking place, and the food and drink vendors. No cars are allowed into the open camping area for safety reasons, but we have our trusty shuttle ready to transport you and your luggage to your chosen camping spot.

7 Must-haves for Misty Waters Music Festival

4. Money

Even if you’re planning on buying all of your food and beverages before the weekend to braai and dop at your campsite, we highly suggest bringing some money to the festival. There will be multiple vendors selling the most delicious treats, colourful slushy drinks and unique, hand-made hippie clothes that you do not want to miss out on.

Aside from the vendors at the Misty Waters festival ground, Lake Umuzi, which is the waterfront development where Misty Waters takes place, offers several bars and restaurants, amongst other entertainment. Spend your morning climbing at the indoor rock climbing facility with the kids or treat yourself to a facial at the wellness spa. With all of the various entertainment we highly suggest bringing some money to the festival. Not a climber or spa enthusiast? Read about the other Misty Waters Music Festival entertainment options, here.

Please note, all of the bars at the festival have card facilities, but we can’t guarantee that the food and drink trucks will have.

5. Alcohol

Only camping-weekend pass holders will be allowed to bring in their cooler boxes. These will have to stay at your tent. Your own drinks are allowed at the stage, but be sure to decant your alcohol into our Misty Waters plastic mugs, as no glass is allowed on the festival grounds. Or leave it at home and drink with a purpose.

A pour for the paw

Did you know that since the beginning of Misty Waters, we have always given back to charity? This year is no different. Supporting our pawsome friends, one purchase at a time! 10% of sales from every drink purchase goes directly to the Little Paws Big Hearts charity dedicated to helping dogs in need. Let’s make tails wag and hearts smile together!

7 Must-haves for Misty Waters Music Festival

6. Phone Charger

Remember, if it is not on social media, it might as well not have happened. We have our Misty Waters backdrop waiting for influencer-eques photos to be taken. There are numerous electricity points situated around the grounds open for the public, so you can keep your devices charged and stay connected throughout the festival without worrying about running out of battery.

7 Must-haves for Misty Waters Music Festival

7. Blue Converter Plug

Are you one of the lucky campers with a Kamp Oase stand? While packing for your Misty Waters weekend getaway, please remember to pack your blue converter plug. Should you forget we will have these plugs available at the grounds entrance gate for rent at R200. Return the plug upon departure for a full refund.

Our one-of-a-kind boutique festival reinvented the experience of attending a music festival and turned it into a comfortable, yet exhilarating occasion. It really is an exceptional, well-planned music festival, so be sure to explore all aspects and really soak up the whole event. Meet new people, enjoy the fantastic line-up of amazing South African artists, eat good food, drink great drinks, and have yourself a magical weekend.



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