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5 Reasons Why I Love Attending Misty Waters

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5 Reasons Why I Love Attending Misty Waters – A Gauteng City Girl’s Experience (A “review” by a Misty Waters festie).

Continue reading to find out why you have to attend Misty Waters! We present you five reasons why you should spend those Rands and treat yourself to a once in a lifetime, musical experience (as written through the eyes of a Gauteng city girl’s point of view):

  1. The Amazing Venue

The venue is beautiful and right by the beautiful Lake Umuzi. It is quite tranquil spending the day, chilling next to the misty waters, exactly where the festival gets its name from. A couple of drinks and a spot next to the water while listening to some folk music sounds like a movie moment.

If it wasn’t for the Sasol Towers in the distance, it would be easy to forget that you are only mere minutes away from restaurants, shops and things a city girl like me needs.

At night is when the lake becomes mystic. The rock tunes mixed with, again, some drinks and the beautiful reflections of the fire pits on the water and the burning sign, is a memory you will want to share on your socials. As soon as you step on the festival grounds you feel home, like you’ve reached the place you were always meant to be.

  1. The Added On Fun Activities

I go to a music festival for, well, the music. But there are times during the day when the music hasn’t started yet and like the millennial/Gen Z kid that I am, I need to be entertained (I cannot be left to my own thoughts for too long). And every year I am surprised at how much there is to do.

Besides having fun camping, braai’ing and chatting with my friends, there are beer pong and great conversation on the festival grounds. There are also several merchandise and food stalls that keeps me way more entertained than it should, I mean, how many pizza’s in a cone should a girl have?

And only a short walk away is a climbing adventure area, a swimming pool, a pool table, miniature golf and even laser tag! The list goes on and on and make for an enjoyable experience for all ages!

But you will probably find me on a chair next to the magical lake enjoying doing as little as possible and waiting for the rock to continue. And also strolling to secure myself a tasty Panini.

  1. The Clean Facilities

One of the things I love about the Misty Water Music Festival is the cleanliness of the grounds. It’s well maintained, with plenty of trash bins and bathrooms that are always clean. I repeat – the bathrooms are clean!

I have gone from dust to Daisies and the bathroom and porta-potties always gave me a bit of anxiety. As an 18-year-old it was the worst part of festivals, but I was brave and it was part of the cause. Now, a bit older, emphasis on only a bit, I do not want to spend my weekend dreading every trip to the loo or gaslighting myself into believing my dry shampoo is working, because I don’t have the strength in me to shower in questionable spaces.

The festival staff does an amazing job keeping everything in order throughout the weekend, which makes it easier for you to enjoy yourself without worrying about your safety or comfort! Again, clean bathrooms!

  1. The Amazing Line-up

From local talent to big-name artists, there will be something that gets you vibing! Every year I think that the line-up cannot get any better and then every year it does. I am excited about every single artist and band. Every. Single. One.

It is rare to find a festival that continues to stay true to it’s rock-folk-blues manifesto. There are so many festivals that try to cover every genre ending up excluding the true blues lovers. What I also enjoy about Misty Waters is that it gives attendees the opportunity to see their favourite bands in a more intimate setting. Yes, it is a festival and you definitely feel like you are at a festival, but you don’t have to rush to get a spot at the barricade or get pushed and elbowed (or you yourself have to push and elbow other people) to see your favourites up close.

And all that talent for that price? Call the cops because I feel as if I am robbing them blind. Some of these artists’ shows are at sold-out venues and come with high ticket prices (which isn’t exactly affordable when you’re paying rent). I got my tickets as soon as they went on sale (the early-bird gets more than the worm) and I am already ready to get my tickets for the next year.

I have also been playing the Misty Waters playlist on Spotify this week and I am getting more and more excited! It is the perfect mix of nostalgia and new. Also, if you see a city girl dancing like a daddy-long-legs, mind your business or show me your own moves.

  1. The Incredible Atmosphere

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the Misty Water Music Festival is the electric energy. It’s like a good vibe (or vaaaaiiibbbbeee as Van Pletzen would say) that spreads through the entire festival grounds. Everyone seems happy and excited to be there, which makes for an unforgettable experience.

It is equal parts relaxing and exciting, which makes for a great community feel. Strangers become friends and as cheesy as it sounds, it is the best place to have memorable moments. You will catch up with old friends, party with your current friends and strangers will become new friends…and all the other kumbaya stuff.

So, to get the final word in.

If you missed your chance to attend this year, I am sorry for the amount of missing out you will do. Sleep with your eyes open and make sure to get your tickets for the next one.

If you have your ticket and will be in Secunda that weekend, just be prepared for the Misty blues. It is real and it hits you hard when you go back to your everyday life. You will look through all your pictures and still listen to the playlist just to hang onto the last moments of Misty Waters for this year.

See you all in Secunda next weekend for all the right vibes and good times!

Misty Waters Music Festival 2023


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