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Things to do this week in Secunda – 27 June to 3 July 2022

“Life always begins with one step out of your comfort zone” – Shannon L. Alder
There’s word around town, that there’s never anything to do – no fun activities. Well to that, we say that’s ignorant and false. This town has an abundance of events and numerous activities to partake in EVERY week.
And some may be repetitive, like the amazing, extremely affordable specials at Eish and Upstairs, which nobody ever complains about. Yet, there are new events every week that is happening, one simply has to embrace it – and actually leave your house every now and then.

Did you know that life always begins with one step out of your comfort zone? Embrace that wine tasting on Wednesdays, instead of drinking the same old wine at home. Go for a climbing session, instead of your usual weight lifting at the local gym. There’s so much to experience if you simply embrace the world outside of your comfort zone. Secunda has a lot to offer – only if you’re willing to accept it.


What is a mid-year bash you may ask? This is an event created by the good people at Zebra’s for all of us to celebrate the fact that we’ve made it to halfway through the year 2022! The mid-year bash is a two day event from June 30th to July 1st.
June 30th is a karaoke event that starts at 18h00 and is FREE! There will also be R10 confidence booster shots available from 18h00 to 20h00 – that includes ANY shot that you like for only R10!
July 1st is a beer pong event, which is also FREE! A deposit is required, however, for the beer pong balls and cups, which is returned to you once the balls and cups and returned. This event starts at 17h00 on Friday, July 1st, which is also PERFECT timing, because every Friday afternoon between 17h00 and 18h00 Zebra has their beer special, which means you receive TWO 500ml Castle Lite draughts for only R29. Now, isn’t that ideal for a beer pong afternoon?
If you desire more information with regards to Zebra’s, its menu or events, please visit the Zebra page on the Lake Umuzi website or follow them on their social media pages.
Contact number: 062 490 9584

Mid-Year Bash

Eish!! Restaurant

Every Friday afternoon eish!! spoils their customers with not only one, but TWO happy hour specials! The first to take place is eish’s Beer Bell Hour, between 14h00 and 15h00. During this hour you buy any SAB draught and get one FREE. The second happy hour entails ordering any pizza between 15h00 and 18h00 and receiving a FREE glass of wine.

Along with their generous specials, eish!! has a local artist performing every Friday afternoon and entry is FREE! Start your weekend off the right way with beer, wine, pizza AND live music!

Did you know that the eish!! deck connects to Carnival Square with a tunnel over the parking lot? That means while the adults are enjoying their meals and drinks, the kids can spend their time playing at Carnival Square! Enter from eish!! at only R60.00 per child and they can play as long as they want.
If you desire more information with regards to eish!!, its menu or events, please visit the eish!! page on the Lake Umuzi website or follow them on their social media pages.

Email: [email protected]
Contact number: 017 634 5980

eish restuarant

Upstairs! Cuban Skybar

Is this year becoming a drag? Winter cold getting to you? Then why not assist your imagination and spend a quality afternoon on the Upstairs! deck with a tasty Latin American meal and cocktail? Embrace the Latin American culture at Upstairs! The Cuban Sky Bar and pretend like you’re sipping away on a cocktail at the beach!

Every Wednesday at Upstairs! The Wine Lady hosts a wine tasting. During this lovely evening of aromas, you get to taste several different wines and learn more about each of them. It’s not only fun, but informative! For only R80 this is a fun mid-week outing for you and your girlfriends, husband or even a solo date night!

The latest drink to look forward to at Upstairs is The Malibu Crush! This exotic drink consists of Malibu, of course, a whole of Malibu and it is served in a coconut! And the best part is, it’s only R48!

Upstairs Secunda Lake Umuzi

If you desire more information with regards to Upstairs!, its menu or events, please visit the Upstairs! page on the Lake Umuzi website or follow them on their social media pages.

Contact number: 0825546327

Mvua Wellness Spa

Mvua is now offering brand new soy massages in cozy, warm rooms with heated compression towels. Come, relax and get warm at Mvua Wellness Spa, located on top of EuropCar. 

Feel like having a lunch time break away, why not book a massage on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and get up 20% discount?

Are you a pensioner? Mvua Wellness Spa offers 10% discount for pensioners on Wednesdays!

Click HERE to view the full spa menu!

Bookings: 017 200 3305
[email protected]

Mvua Wellness Spa

Bosveld Lapa Restaurant

Winter time calls for comfort food and what better way to enjoy it than Bosveld Lapa’s delicious “Rich Classic Oxtail” potjie with a glass of house wine for ONLY R35 a glass! This special is available on Wednesdays.
Enjoy a family dinner at Bosveld Lapa and relish in their hearty potjie with a glass of wine. Bosveld Lapa overlooks the beautiful lake and it has heaters on the deck! No complaints about cold over there!
For more information regarding Bosveld Lapa’s specials contact:
076 631 4489

Bosveld lapa restaurant

Rocky Waters Adventure Golf Course

Want to stay warm during the school holidays coming up? Get active and challenge your friends to a round of putt-putt!
At only R40 per person, this is the ideal afternoon activity for the kids during this school holiday. Rocky Waters opens at 09h00 every day. Grab your friends and challenge them to a match of mini-golf.
For more information regarding Rocky Waters Adventure Putt-Putt, contact Charleen: 064 907 4105

Rocky Waters Adventure Golf
Family fun at Rocky Waters

Idwala Adventures

Did you know climbing is not only good for physical strength, but it improves the climber mentally? Other benefit include strengthening of balance, improved blood circulation, AND it’s a great form of stress relief! And best yet, you don’t have to drive far to experience all of this! Located at South Bank, across from Action Sports, you will find Idwala Adventures, and indoor rock climbing facility. Idwala offers bouldering, wall climbing and kids climbing – so you can bring the whole family for a fun day of climbing.

Idwala Adventures is open during the week from 17h00 to 21h00, and from 10h00 to 17h00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Contact number: 083 449 9343 / 079 446 6887
[email protected]

Idwala Adventures Secunda Lake Umuzi Waterfront

1834 Tactical

Your one-stop all tactical training and indoor shooting range spot. 1834 Tactical offers everything from self-defense systems, to firearm proficiency training, to TACMED training and stop the bleed training. Their primary emphasis is on firearm training, specializing in the use of handguns, rifles, and carbines in close-quarter combat scenarios. In addition, they also incorporate the use of secondary weapons (bladed and impact weapons), as well as highly effective hand-to-hand combative, which are Krav Maga-based but which have been adapted to enhance weapon access, and weapon use, and weapon retention.

Bookings: 064 908 0253 /

1834 Tactical Lake Umuzi

Kamp Oase at Lake Umuzi

Do you desire some cold air, dark nights, warm fires, and bright stars? Then you are in need of some camping fun! There’s really something special about camping in the colder seasons. As the leaves are changing colour, so do our souls and what we require. Kamp Oase is the place to spend your autumn weekends.

Spend your nights huddled up next to the fire and witness the eerie mist hovering over the streams and lakes surrounding the campsite. Along with the beautiful scenery, one can expect spacious, clean and easy to use ablutions with warm water, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a designated braai stand at each stand, a colourful jungle gym for the kids, and electricity at each stand. Feel free to bring your fishing rods, because the lakes offer specimen carp fishing.

The campground is located right next to Idwala Adventures, where the kids can come and enjoy a climb while the adults enjoy a dop on the stoep overlooking their campsite. Within walking distance from Kamp Oase is The Lake Umuzi Waterfront, with lots of activities for the younger generation, such as putt-putt, AquaZone Waterpark, and a spa for the tired parents in need of some pampering.

Contact Central Res to make a booking: [email protected] / 017 631 3452

Kamp Oase

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