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Misty Waters: What to expect

Misty waters 2024

Misty Waters Music Festival – What to Expect for 2024

Updated 29 February 2024

So, you’ve decided to dive headfirst into the exhilarating and mystifying world of Misty Waters Music Festival? Congratulations! Get ready for an unforgettable adventure filled with pulsating rhythms, electrifying performances, and a sense of camaraderie unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But before you pack your bags and hit the road, here’s a handy guide to help you navigate the wild and wonderful world of Misty Waters Music Festival. This year the mystical weekend starts on Friday, April 26th and ends on Sunday, April 28th around 16:00 in the afternoon.

Lake Umuzi, Secunda

What is a Lake Umuzi? Lake Umuzi is an all-encompassing waterfront lodge nestled in the Highveld city known as Secunda. Secunda is a modern company town located about 130 km east of Johannesburg in a region of extensive coal reserves and adequate water supplies, at the site of South Africa’s second and third oil-from-coal extraction plants, Sasol Synfuels.

Misty Waters takes place at Lake Umuzi, right next to the luxury caravan park called Kamp Oase, because it truly is an oasis surrounded by big willow trees, streams, and lakes. Lake Umuzi provides its visitors with a feeling of liberation from the hustle of city life, while still being in close proximity to restaurants, shops, spas, and bars. Attending Misty Waters is more than just attending a music festival and that is all owed to Lake Umuzi. This is one of the few festivals in South Africa where the attendees can camp in tents, caravans or stay in luxury, enjoy breakfast at a restaurant or at their camp site, visit a spa after a long night of partying and leave the festival feeling refreshed.

The Music

Misty Waters boasts a diverse line-up of bands spanning various genres, from Afrikaans and indie to alternative rock and blues, and even neo-gereformeerde boer metal. You can expect to see both established legends, such as Dan Patlansky, Albert Frost, Ann Jangle and Spoegwolf, along with several up-and-coming artists, delivering powerhouse performances that will leave you begging for more. Keep an open mind and explore new sounds – you never know which band might become your new favourite.

The line-up currently consists of Dan Patlansky, Albert Frost, Ann Jangle, Spoegwolf, Native Young, Glaskas, Painted Flowers, Black Heidi, Dukes of Note, Crash and the Void, Worsie van Wyk, Basson Laas, After Wonderland and Highway Apostles. In a few weeks, the third artist announcement featuring several notable bands will be released.

Misty Water Lake

The Atmosphere and Accommodation

One of the most magical aspects of Misty Waters is the atmosphere. The line-up allows for like-minded music lovers to gather together and share that passion in a safe and comfortable space. We love that the festival has grown to become an environment for young, hopeful adults to release steam, as well as growing families to spend time together. Misty Waters is truly a unique and special festival. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be swept up in a whirlwind of excitement and energy that’s impossible to resist. Embrace the sense of community, make new friends, and revel in the collective joy of being surrounded by like-minded souls.

As for accommodation, Misty Waters is also one of the few festivals in South Africa offering several camping and hotel options. The first accommodation option is general camping which is included in your Misty Waters ticket. General camping allows you to set-up camp with tents a few feet from the stage itself. General camping is situated on lush grass and works on a first comes, first serve basis. Next, we have Kamp Oase camping for those who love to camp and still engage in the action, but prefer extra amenities such as electricity -and water points. Kamp Oase has dedicated stands that can be booked from R1200.

Our luxury accommodation include two hotels that are walking distance from the festival grounds. InnGreen Hotel is an environmentally friendly hotel that offers 45 modern and uncluttered twin / double en-suite hotel rooms with all the amenities such as complimentary WiFi, a work surface with ample plug points and a 32” LED flat-screen TV.

Every effort has been made to reduce noise levels from The Waterfront patrons to ensure you are well-rested for the next day’s festivities and shows. Some may find it strange that the majority of the rooms have no windows. However, the State-of-the-Art air-conditioning and fresh filtered air system, which is circulated continuously, ensures perfect climate control. Similar to the cabins of the big ocean liners, for example, the MSC Sinfonia, Opera, and Musica.

Your second luxury accommodation option is The Merchant Hotel that offers spacious double en-suite rooms, with breakfast included in your booking.

The luxury accommodation options are filling up quickly, with Umuzi Lodge self-catering chalet’s already sold out, therefore we suggest you book sooner than later to avoid disappointment. Included with your booked accommodation at InnGreen and The Merchant is your Misty Waters ticket(s) – dependant on the amount of people allowed per room.

The Essentials

Now, let’s talk logistics. When attending a rock festival, it’s essential to come prepared. Here’s a check-list of items to bring:

  1. Tickets: This may seem obvious, but don’t forget your tickets! Print them out or have them ready on your phone for easy access. If you are staying at one of our luxury accommodation options your entry armband (festival entrance) will be provided upon arrival and checking in.
  2. Comfortable Clothing: You’ll be spending long hours on your feet, so dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. Consider packing layers, as temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day. Secunda is known for having four seasons in one day. Pack that summer dress, warm jacket, umbrella and bikini!
  3. Sun Protection: Whether it is sunscreen, a hat, or sunglasses, protect yourself from the sun’s rays to avoid getting burnt or overheated.
  4. Hydration: Stay hydrated by bringing a refillable water bottle. There will also be several vendors selling drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and water to help replenish throughout the days and nights.
  5. Cash: While many vendors accept card payments, it’s always a good idea to have some cash on hand for purchases like food, drinks, and merchandise.
  6. Good vibes: It is all of the good vibes brought to Misty Waters that allows the festival to remain a safe space, free of any violence or theft. The festival has been incident free since 2017. We thank previous attendees and ask future attendees to simply bring your good vibes, peace, love and rock-and-roll to Misty Waters.

In less than two months we will all gather again to celebrate South African music at Lake Umuzi. Be sure to visit our website and familiarise yourself with the line-up. The last eight bands will be announced in a few weeks, with more big acts to join the already astonishing line-up.


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