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Misty Waters: What to expect

Misty Waters 2023 and perhaps the biggest one, yet!

It comes with great joy to start talking and writing about Misty Waters Music Festival again. It feels like many moons ago we were sharing tales about this phenomenal festival, yet it’s less than a year ago that we celebrated some of South Africa’s greatest musical talents on our stage. If your mind is a little foggy, please read the recap blog here and refresh your memory.

As most of our festival attendees know the line-up has been released and boy oh boy is it a goodie! Hold on to your socks, because they are about to get rocked right off by rock and roll legends like Fokofpolisiekar, The Narrow, Bittereinder, Springbok Nude Girls, Karen Zoid, and many, many more! Such a high-end line-up requires accommodation to match, and that’s what this blog is mostly about – our luxury accommodation that are within walking distance from not only Misty Waters Music Festival, but the first ever Misty Waters Fringe Festival!

Misty Waters starts on Friday, April 28th and ends with a bang on Sunday, April 30th. The Fringe Festival will kick off the five days of music on the Wednesday night, April 26th two nights before Misty Waters commences. The Fringe Festival is also taking place at Lake Umuzi Waterfront and will showcase several alternative artists and bands at three of the restaurants and bars located at the waterfront. We want everyone coming from near and far to be able to enjoy South African music and that’s why The Fringe Festival has no entry fee. We are gifting you with two days of free shows and hoping it will get you into the groove of Misty Waters. But enough about the five days of mind-blowing music coming your way, let’s dive into your festival accommodation options.

We want to know where else in South Africa can you attend a music festival and choose between accommodation all the way from roughing-it-up-camping (which is on lush green grass, so roughing is a strong word) to sleeping in a deluxe hotel room with a bath and shower? At Lake Umuzi we offer various accommodation options varying in price to accommodate everyone attending Misty Waters and The Fringe Festival.

Your first accommodation option is general camping which is included in your Misty Waters ticket. General camping allows you to set-up camp with tents a mere few feet from the stage itself. General camping is situated on lush grass and works on a first comes first serve basis. Next, we have Kamp Oase camping for those festies who love to camp and still engage in the action but enjoys extra amenities such as electricity -and water points. Kamp Oase has dedicated stands that can be booked from R1200 for five nights. With the Fringe Festival starting on the Wednesday night before Misty Waters we thought we’d give our campers (general camping and Kamp Oase campers) an additional two nights of stay at no extra charge! That’s right, you can camp for five nights and only pay for three!

For those who completely skipped over the preceding paragraph because camping is just not your vibe, we’ve now arrived at the crème de la crème of accommodation – our luxury options. Unfortunately, all the chalets in Umuzi Lodge have been booked, but that’s no reason for concern as InnGreen Eco Hotel and Merchant Business Class Hotel still have rooms available.

InnGreen Eco Hotel is within walking distance from where Misty Waters takes place, is centered between two of the Fringe Festival venues; Eish Restaurant and Zebra’s and has its own entrance to the other Fringe Festival venue, Upstairs Sky bar. At only R30 per person per night more than Umuzi Lodge, InnGreen is the ideal option for the couple who prefers some privacy or for those wanting to fest in style, but on a budget. Lastly, also within walking distance from where Misty Waters and The Fringe Festival occur is The Merchant Hotel that offers spacious double en-suite rooms, with breakfast included in your booking.

Don’t hesitate, book your accommodation today and join in on one of the greatest extra-long, long weekends in South Africa! There’s no need to purchase a Misty Waters ticket separately when booking with us, because your Misty Waters ticket is included in your accommodation booking.

In conclusion, your socks will be rocked off, you will be able to walk to the festival grounds from your accommodation without socks with no hassle, and we are giving you two EXTRA days of music at no extra charge so you can go buy yourself some new socks after the monumental five days of music that starts April 26th and rocks on until April 30th, 2023!

To purchase Misty Waters tickets and/or book accommodation click on the link below. It is important to note that the tickets are still available at only R590 until the end of March, after ticket prices will increase with R100. Your Misty Waters ticket includes general camping and access to all of the shows.

Dates, prices, and location:
The Misty Waters Fringe Festival: 26 April – 28 April 2023
Free entry to the venues where the shows are taking place.
Venues include: Eish restaurant, Upstairs Sky Bar and Zebra’s.
1 Kiewiet Street, Lake Umuzi

Misty Waters Music Festival: 28 April – 20 April 2023
R590 per ticket, which includes general camping (price increase from 1 April 2023).
1 Kingfisher Street, Lake Umuzi South Bank.

Important Information:

General campers and Kamp Oase campers can start setting up camp from Wednesday, April 26th and stay until Monday, May 1st at no additional charge for the two extra nights.

On-premises accommodation is currently blocked out on and will therefore indicate that it is all sold out. It is not all sold out, yet. Accommodation for Misty Waters at Lake Umuzi can only be booked through the link above.

Should you have any queries regarding accommodation for Misty Waters, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Tel: +27 (0)17 631 3452
Tel: +27 (0)17 631 3441
Tel: +27 (0)17 631 3506
Email: [email protected]
Address: 1 Kiewiet Str, Secunda, Mpumalanga


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