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Misty Waters Latest Update – Line Up

Misty Waters Latest News

The Latest Update on Misty Waters 2024

Updated to 1 March 2024

The Ultimate Music Festival Line-up

With our third and final artist announcement being released in just a few short days we thought we’d dive deeper into the current artist list and elaborate on what makes these bands so special.

We pride ourselves on staying in touch with our rock roots and not swaying too much from that alternative umbrella genre. Many South African festivals, existing or extinct, start off catering to a certain market and eventually start to crave growth and revenue more than the experience – the result being a ‘mengelmoes’ of artists not necessarily complimenting the overall climate of the festival. As for our attendees, we firmly believe in expanding your circles and embracing people of all music tastes, however there is nothing as satisfying as a confluence of like-minded souls for one special weekend of mellifluous music.

Because of the love our organisers have for the industry and these specific genres, you can be certain that an indescribable amount of time and energy went into finding each and every one of these bands to create a complete harmonious weekend. Our drive has never been profit, but creating an unforgettable experience for other alternative music lovers.

In alphabetical (how scholarly of us) order let’s deliberate, or rather meditate on what makes our artists so special:

After Wonderland

As loyal Misty Waters’ attendees themselves, they already had us convinced. We love supporters-turned-performers. The band was formed in 2021 and is influenced by a wide range of artists including Biffy Clyro and Radiohead. We are excited for this new up-and-coming rock band to take the Misty Waters stage for their first time next month.

After wonderland Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

Albert Frost

The man who has toured with R.E.M and Simple Minds does not need an introduction, and no introduction will do him justice, but let’s give it a shot. SAMA award-winning, guitar playing, music genius, and most down-to-earth man, Albert Frost, himself has decided he would like to add another Misty Waters to his resume and we are all too thankful. Of course, we had to have the winner of the best rock album perform at our rock festival.

Albert Frost Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

Ann Jangle

We are thrilled to finally have folk artist and producer Ann Jangle perform at Misty Waters. She was set to perform at Misty Waters 2022, but unfortunately could not attend due to logistical complications. Ann Jangle is renowned for collaborating with musicians across the world to bring a unique sound combined with her signature vocal range.  With an ominous style of dark folk and gypsy rock she mesmerises the audience leaving them wanting more.

Ann Jangle Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

Basson Laas

Basson is a kind-hearted storyteller with the literal voice of an angel. He has been easing himself into a full-time music career since April 2022, making his debut with the single “Tightly Bound” followed by the EP “Good Morning Dreamer” in August 2023. His storytelling is rather ambivalent as it stirs both hopeful, yet poignant feelings within the listener. Let’s just say we’re feeling far from poignant to have Basson return to the Misty Waters stage and can’t wait to see what he’s got up his musical sleeve this year.

Basson Laas Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

Black Heidi

We’ll start off by saying, it wouldn’t feel right if Black Heidi was not on our line-up. This girl and the magic this band creates is something from out of this world. Black Heidi is a four-piece band with Ukulele, Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals. Their sound truly is indescribable, many have given their descriptions, but have yet to find a consensus. Not being boxed into a label fits perfectly and festival attendees won’t be able to keep their feet still during this energetic and vibrant performance.

Black Heidi Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

Crash and the Void

These absolute rock stars can get anyone to headbang, even middle-aged women at a Latin American restaurant on a Thursday night. That sounds very specific, because it actually happened at our 2023 Fringe Festival. We are happy to have Crash and the Void return this year and join us on the bigger stage. Crash and the Void brings addictive hype riffs, smooth as butter vocals and lyrical explosions that will stick in your head for days after.

Crash And The Void

Dan Patlansky

Dan Patlansky is one of the world’s finest blues-based storytellers of his generation and voted the #4 Best Guitarist in the world. Of course, we had to have one of the best blues artists at our blues music festival. Did we mention he is the only artist in the world with two worldwide #1, as well as two worldwide #2, Best Blues Rock albums to his name, as voted by Blues Rock Review USA. Did we also mention that Dan Patlansky opened for Bruce Springsteen in 2014? We are beyond blessed to have this musical poet perform at Misty Waters 2024.

Dan Patlanksy Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

Dukes of Note

Dukes of Note is a Steampunk-Carnival-Rock band from Cape Town bringing imagination and music to life. After listening to only one song we were convinced we had to have them on our stage. Do yourself a favour and listen to “Devil’s Playground” to get a sense of The Dukes before Misty Waters.

Dukes of Note Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024


Returning to our stage is Afrikaans pop-and-rock legends Glaskas. This upbeat band is sure to make some Misty Waters souls reminisce of simpler times with classics like Romantikus, Verloor Myself, Oor en Oor and Die Liedjie Oor Die Meisie. Their music will take you back to your childhood bedroom in your parent’s house in the early 2000’s, dreaming of that pretty girl in your math class while thinking of ways to convince your parents that ‘dagga is nie gagga nie’.

Glaskas Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

Highway Apostles

This four-piece rock band from Pretoria draws inspiration from the likes of Cleopatrick and The Black Keys. Their songs exude an indie, garage rock mood, but with a twist of pop to it. They’ve been gigging the whole of 2023 in Gauteng with bands like The Black Cat Bones, Lefokolodi, Tavern Priest and Double Sun.

Highway Apostles Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

Native Young

When asked how he would describe Native Young – founder Yannick says, “It’s a constantly evolving tapestry of culture, emotion and melody”. Formed in the garage of a Gugulethu marimba maker – this brotherhood is blurring lines and breaking cultural barriers through their own distinct brand of ‘Kasi pop’. It’s been a few years since Native Young has graced the Misty Waters stage and with their amalgamation of English, Xhosa and Sotho lyrics they are sure to strike a familiar heartstring within every single festival attendee.

NATIVE YOUNG Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

Painted Flowers

Exploding onto the scene in 2020, Painted Flowers brings a vintage ambience to the stage. This country rock and blues six-piece band hailing from Johannesburg garner influence from artists like Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and Lou Reed.

Painted Flowers Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024


Another band that really doesn’t need any introduction. South Africa knows Spoegwolf. Whether you are the girl dreaming of dating a Spoegwolf member or the guy dreaming of being a Spoegwolf member, you know Spoegwolf. We are simply the music festival dreaming of having Spoegwolf on our line-up. And guess what. Dreams do come true.

Spoegwolf Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

Worsie van Wyk

Listen, we’re not quite sure what to expect ourselves, but we’ve been told to expect 100% roekelose boermetal – and we are here for it. Grab your beta-blockers and neck braces, because we’re in for an ineffable performance by the neo-gereformeerde metal boer himself, Worsie van Wyk.

These are the first 14 bands that were announced and we have eight more joining them real soon. Let us know who you think will feature on our final artist announcement.

Worsie van Wyk Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa 2024

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