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Covid-19 – Umuzi Lodge Accommodating Essential Services Protocol

Covid-19 Essential services accommodation in Secunda

As a FEDHASA member, we follow the Hospitality Safety measures for Covid-19 as set out by them and guidelines by the CDC, USA.

Umuzi Lodge is in the fortunate position, that all the chalets are widely spread over the property, which ensures that guests stay far apart, with individual entrances to each unit. Contact between staff and guests, from check in to check out, are kept at a minimum.

COVID-19 Protocols

Upon entry to the Lodge, the Security guard uses a contactless scanner to scan the guests drivers licence as well as vehicle licence. The guard is masked and has sanitiser at hand.

Upon entering reception, all guests are required to wear a mask and sanitise their hands at the station provided. A perspex shield separates the guest and receptionist at the check in counter and above normal check in procedures, a Covid-19 Guest Screening Questionnaire is completed and a contactless thermometer is used to measure temperature to be recorded. For our records, an Essential Service Certificate / Permit is required for all guests prior to or upon check in. Only one receptionist will be allowed on duty and guests will be required to wait 1.5m apart, as indicated.

Chalet keys are sanitised and handed over and the guest directed to the chalet.

Cleaning staff will only enter a chalet when vacant and will use FEDHASA approved cleaning material and sanitisers. In addition, a chemical named Surface Defence Pro, will be professionally applied in kitchens and bathrooms as a long-term Antimicrobial Coating.

Umuzi Lodge has a laundry equipped with Industrial Washing, Drying and Ironing Equipment. We use measured FEDHASA approved disinfectants / chemicals ensuring the highest standard in Hygiene. Washing machines are set on 75 degrees and towels are tumble dried hot enough to kill everything.

With regards to food and beverages, we cater for each individual’s preference. Breakfast packs and Lunch Packs may be collected and taken away. In line with FEDHASA recommendations, breakfast buffets are reduced and plated service from kitchen to table preferred. Table spacing has been increased with 1 chair per table only.

Dinner will be delivered, on order, to the chalet. (All chalets have an equipped kitchen and self-catering is also an option).

The gym and public areas are closed.

We see public transport for staff as a risk area. Currently all Reception, Security, Housekeeping and Maintenance Staff stay onsite and have been monitored throughout the lockdown and will continue as such.

Should occupancy levels increase and we are required to obtain our staff per public transport, they will be screened and sanitised daily before entering the premises. Umuzi is fortunate to have longstanding experienced staff and training on additional Covid procedures will be ongoing.

Guests who return on a weekly basis, will be allocated the same chalet and it will be left vacant over weekends, as a further precaution.

For non-returning guests, chalets will be deep cleaned and left vacant for a minimum of 30 hours.

We are confident that Umuzi Lodge naturally allows for Social Distancing with low contact areas between different guests as well as between guests and staff. It is therefore the ideal place to stay during these trying times.

We will continuously assess the situation and adapt to meet this challenge.

Trusting this will meet your approval.

Warm Regards

Meghan Keyser
Lodge Manager


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