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Oppikoppi 2019 Cancelled? – don’t fear, Misty Waters is here!

Oppikoppi 2019 has been cancelled. It is a sad day for music festival fans in South Africa. With the recent news coming to light that OK25 has been postponed until 2020, Misty Waters Music Festival want to express our remorse for the festival that has been going 24 years. We’re certain that Oppikoppi has the capacity to make up for the lost year with a banger in 2020.

Alas, in 2019, the fans, will find comfort in Misty Waters 2019. We will fill the hole in your soul with a warm heart and bear hugs full of tunes. The best thing yet, you don’t have to drive 3 hours from Gauteng to get there. Situated at Lake Umuzi, Mpumalanga, Misty Waters is only an hour’s drive from Gauteng. We have teamed up with Stratconrisk, Jelani Security and CPF that will be on the grounds throughout the festival to prevent any wrongdoers that attempt to commit crime of any sort.

One stage and three days of music ensures that you don’t miss out on any action. Misty Waters is a boutique festival boasting with a hand-picked line-up with the best, authentic South African Blues, Rock, and Folk musicians. From the most promising up-and-coming artists to the Rock-‘n-Roll veterans like Fokofpolisiekar, Taxi Violence, Spoegwolf, The Black Cat Bones, Albert Frost and so much more! If an X-factor was a thing of rock, then we have got them all here on our line-up.

So… Join us at Misty Waters 2019 and see what we’ve got in store for you. Fill the hole Oppikoppi has left in your heart? Get ready to be drowned in the awesomeness that is Misty Waters!

Dit is ‘n hartseer dag vir alle musiekliefhebbers in Suid-Africa. Oppikoppi het sopas bekend gemaak dat OK25 uitgestel word tot 2020. Misty Waters Music Festival bied ons innige simpatie. Die fees het die afgelope 24 jaar aan musiekentusieaste ontsnapping gebied. Ons sien uit daarna dat Oppikoppi sal hervat in 2020.

Nietemin, in 2019, kan die musiekondersteuner ‘n legendariese fees by Misty Waters geniet. Misty Waters bied die regte medisyne vir al die gebroke harte. Slegs ‘n uur uit Gauteng is Lake Umuzi, Mpumalanga die tuiste van Misty Waters. Ons het saam gespan met Stratconrisk, Jelani Security en CPF wat gedurende die fees die sekuriteit gaan behartig. Die ekstra mannekrag gaan enige kwaadstokers bekamp.

Een verhoog, drie dae van die beste musiek – hier gaan jy verseker jou hartseer oorkom. Misty Waters is ‘n “boutique” fees en spog met rits van kunstenaars wat elkeen haarfyn uitgesoek is. Die lys sluit in jong-opkomende kunstenaars asook die ou-bekendes in Rock-‘n-roll. Fokofpolisiekar, Taxi Violence, Spoegwolf, The Black Cat Bones, Albert Frost, Straatligkinders en nog vele meer.

Dus.. moet nie huil nie, moet nie treur nie. Geniet Misty Waters 2019 saam met ons. Dit is die perfekte pleister vir jou hart.


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Rolin Booysen is an enthusiastic marketer at Lake Umuzi, Mpumalanga. She graduated with a B.Com Marketing Management degree from the University of Pretoria. She loves planning events and enjoyed being part of events such as Aardklop, KKNK, Skouspel and Umuzi Week of Festivals, to name a few.In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities, jogging, fishing and hiking.

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