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3 BIG Things That Makes Misty Waters Music Festival Different Than Other Festivals

Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa

Why attend Misty Waters Music Festival when there are so many other festivals in South Africa to choose from? That is the question we’re sure many have asked themselves.

First things first, I think amongst the festivals in South Africa we’ve created a wonderful calendar for all of you to attend each festival without missing out on another one. The dates rarely overlap and that provides you festies with a jam-packed year filled with fun festivals throughout without having to decide between them. However, each festival has its own unique selling point that attracts different people.  So the lingering question still remains, why should you attend Misty Waters Music Festival?

If you’re a person that places a lot of emphasis on the type of music at a music festival, enjoy having a good time with friends and family without completely roughing it up in the dust, and prefer not going completely bankrupt from booking an overpriced glamping tent, then Misty Waters is for you! There are many, many reasons to attend Misty Waters Music Festival, but we believe our organisers’ articulate choices in bands, the family friendly, clean and safe environment, and lastly our prices are what encourage people to support our festival year after year.

Misty Waters Music Festival is one of the few festivals that truly stick to their guns when it comes to the type of music they allow on the line-up – this festival is for the true alternative music enthusiast. With that being said, you don’t have to only know or love alternative music to attend and enjoy the festival. The line-up is very diverse offering various sub-genres such as indie, folk, Afrikaans, metal, alternative rock, and blues. It’s diverse enough to evoke interest in many, but remains niche enough to attract all the fun and funky people riding the same wave.

It is also thanks to these funky, free spirited, respectful people that our space and festival has been incident free since 2017. We take pride in our security, ensuring everyone feels safe and that any lost goods make their way back to their respectful owners. We have created an exclusive, one-of-a-kind boutique festival where the party animal can let loose for the weekend whilst the young family can enjoy a relaxing picnic on the grass and appreciate the live entertainment.

Lake Umuzi Kamp Oase Secunda Camp

Our little lush oasis situated in the coalfields of Secunda is another unique selling point. It offers such a unique perspective into the area, and the developers of Lake Umuzi have gone over and above to create an appealing space for people from all over the world. We’ve received several praises for our spacious, clean ablutions and well thought out festival grounds. We know it’s a rock festival, but nobody wants to relive Woodstock ’99. We provide our festies with three ablutions; two of which include showers and baths with continuous hot water throughout the festival and another closer to Kamp Oase with sinks and clean bathrooms. There are also portable toilets that are cleaned regularly and spread around the festival ground. Along with our well-kept ablutions, the other thing that sets our festival apart from many other is the luxury accommodation in close proximity. We offer 3 hotel options within walking distance from the festival grounds at fantastic rates. InnGreen Eco Hotel starts at R2360 for two nights AND includes complimentary access to the festival. Umuzi Lodge starts at R4920 for a 4 sleeper for two nights AND includes complimentary access to the festival. Lastly, The Merchant Hotel starts at R3560 for 2 nights and you guessed, it includes complimentary access to the festival!

InnGreen Hotel

Misty Waters InnGreen

The preceding information about our luxury accommodation goes to show that at Misty Waters an actual hotel room, with electricity and your own bathroom, will cost you less than a glamping tent (without electricity, may we add). And while there’s nothing wrong with glamping, we prefer giving our festies several options at affordable prices. At the end of the day we want as many music lovers to be able to attend our festival and still have money left over to enjoy a Panini or support the bands by purchasing their merchandise.

Misty Waters takes place in 2 weeks at Lake Umuzi, Secunda, Mpumalanga. We have 22 mind-blowingly talented artists performing, including Spoegwolf, Glaskas, Albert Frost, Dan Patlansky, Worsie van Wyk, Tidal Waves, Black Heidi, Ann Jangle and many more! Purchase your weekend or day tickets, here. Kids under 7 years old enter for FREE. See you all at Misty Waters Music Festival, 26 – 28 April 2024.


Misty Waters Music Festival South Africa


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