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Plunge Into the What Bucket? The Gutbucket!

You’re probably still thinking…the what bucket? Well, the term gutbucket originated in the early 20th century, referring to an early type of jazz or blues characterised by a strong beat of carefree delivery. It is a style of blues playing first stated by the great Louis Armstrong in “Gut Bucket Blues,” circa 1927. This style of music was made popular by early New Orleans blues and jazz musicians.

Branded for its raw and spiritual style, gutbucket blues encapsulates its listener and tantalises their receptors. With an abundance of soulfully talented musicians, and surrounded by a mystical lake, Misty Waters strategically intertwines an atmosphere and tone of that to the early gutbucket.

Come May 2019 and you will be exposed to a worldliness of that spiritual and carefree New Orleans lifestyle, with a twist of darkness added through the old blues music. Indulge in the sensational, rhythmic flow of the bucket, but only once you take the plunge.
“Gutbucket music brings out joy, which is something sorely lacking in our world.” (The Kansas City Star, 2018).

The term gutbucket not only refers to the olden music scene from early 20th Century New Orleans, but to that of the beer that would stream from the barrels at the low-class saloons where this type of music was played.
What is better than a beer (or twelve) shared over some raw musical talent… 3 DAYS OF IT! Come take the plunge and join in on the pursuit of real rock ‘n’ roll. This journey will entice every being, big or small, to experience an alternate reality full of gutbucket blues and rock ‘n’ roll.

Misty Waters encourages you, to take the plunge – into the gutbucket.


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