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A young boy finds inspiration and the stage

We would’ve had the pleasure to see Basson Laas perform live for us before lockdown, unfortunately, that event had to be postponed. Luckily, we have a second chance to experience his presence on the Zebra Lounge stage!

Not such a young boy anymore, Basson Laas, will inspire us all with his voice on October 29th at Zebra’s. Zebra Lounge’s second Thursday Night Live for the year is sure to bring wonderful melodies and warmth to everyone’s hearts. We had Gerald Clark performing at Zebra Lounge in February, this Thursday Night Live is sure to be just as spectacular with Basson Laas.

It is always beneficial for having good relationships with artists, they bring such depth and creativity to one’s life. We asked Basson to provide us with a short bio of his musical career, to which he offered us a snippet of his heart…

“At its core, music has always been synonymous with life, and man’s volatile emotions. Its waves wrap around us like a heated blanket during winter, and its frequencies bring back images from the past – even a familiar scent from our childhoods. It brings cheer, enables us to love, and encourages us to be hopeful. In essence, it sets us free from the bitterness and confusion that often consumes our lives, and fills it with serenity.”

These are the beliefs of Basson Laas, a quiet young farm boy from the North-West Province. The opportunity to perform live presented itself for the first time while Basson was in his early twenties and studying business at the University of Pretoria. Three friends who whiled away the hours making music on their stoep evolved into the band called Man the Fields, and they were adamant to perform their folk style acoustic vibe at any market, exhibition, bar or restaurant that would have them. After a couple of years, the band decided to call it quits in the wake of other career opportunities that presented themselves after university.

Now, after resigning his most recent job in Pretoria at the end of 2019, Basson is again taking the stage – this time as a solo performer. His musical style – as a singer/songwriter – is inspired by a broad spectrum of international artists, although he also showcases original songs written in the previous decade. Lyrically, Basson’s music is rooted in a complex nostalgia, which is mirrored in the clean tone of his ivory-coloured, hollow-body guitar. Although he is at the very beginning of this new musical journey, he is excited by the prospect of being a travelling musician that will hopefully, in turn, inspire others.

We are equally excited to be a part of Basson’s new musical journey and honored that he agreed to grace the stage at Zebra Lounge, October 29th. Another Thursday night revolutionized at Lake Umuzi, with an up-and-coming, young artist singing his truths and heart stories. Don’t miss this, Basson starts at 8:30 PM and it’s FREE ENTRANCE!

Basson Laas – Thursday Live at Zebra Lounge


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