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Zen Garden Zebra Lounge Acoustic Fridays

Find Your Inner Zen…Garden

Acoustic Fridays at Zebra Lounge has never been so chilled. Come find your inner Zen at Zebra’s, Friday night, September 25th. Zen Garden is bringing all the right vibes in order for all of you to center your cores, find power and peace within your body, all whilst listening to crazy acoustic guitar riffs and melodious singing.

Zen Garden refers to themselves as a musical movement, initially believed to be only a tale of folklore, but it turns out – the Zen Garden is real. The band was formed in 2017, with the perfect ingredients and so the four “horsemen of the Zen-pocalypse” emerged. I’ll give a run through of the four members, however on 25 September, we will only experience two of them, as they are bringing Zebra’s the best of their acoustic set.

Christiaan on the guitar has natural shredding abilities. Jan-Hendrik received a gift from above to create the best beats on a drum. Dolph was endowed with the perfect balance of chill and brutality, and this allowed his fingers to dance as if entranced along bass-strings. Lastly, the frontman Inus described as having the voice of an angel.

“Individually, they are not much, but together they would enslave all of humanity with powerful lyrics, hard beats, shredding solos and to show them… the Zen Garden” – Zen Garden

There you have it, the band that describes themselves as horsemen of a Zen-pocalypse, finds inspiration from Red Hot Chili Peppers, and is not afraid to bring the house down with Zen, will be performing their acoustic set at Zebra’s, September 25th.

Bring your yoga mat, grab a friend, and come enjoy good drinks at Zebra’s, because you are about to experience absolute Zen.

Zen Garden – Live at Zebra Lounge


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