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Meet The Lad's Zebra Lounge

Meet The LAD’s!

Our Zebra Lounge family is growing and we want to introduce to you the LAD’s!   The LAD’s is an acronym for Lize, Anele, and Danél.

Lize van Niekerk - Zebra Lounge

Meet The LAD’s – Lize

Lize makes sure everything runs smoothly at Zebra’s and organises all the events, from the wine tastings to the live shows. Lize is 28 years old and originally from Pretoria. Although many years were spent outside of the country, as she lived in Australia for a few years during High School, and then flew to the whole other side of the world to study in America. She obtained her master’s degree in fashion merchandising in New York and worked as a store manager at Abercrombie & Fitch. After moving back to South Africa, Lize met the love of her life and decided to enter a whole new adventure by moving to Secunda. You know what they say, you only move to Secunda for work or love. Now, recently engaged, Lize spends her days simultaneously planning her wedding and exciting events for Zebra Lounge.

Anele - Zebra Lounge

Meet The LAD’s – Anele

Anele, born and bred in Zimbabwe came to South Africa 15 years ago, to find greener pastures. Anele married the woman of his dreams, Caroline and they now share four beautiful kids – all boys for these two! Anele is a very religious man and enjoys spending his Saturday and Sunday mornings at church. He, himself, doesn’t drink a drop of alcohol anymore, but with many years of experience in the hospitality industry and as a former bar manager, he is sure to serve you the tastiest drinks in Secunda. Come and say hi to Anele, he loves socialising with open-minded people, who are willing to learn more.

Danél - Zebra Lounge

Meet The LAD’s – Danél

Danél, the newest member to the Zebra’s team is a young, vibrant 23-year-old. At 19 years old she moved to Italy to work for a family of five. She lived on the small island of Lipari, which is one of the seven Eolian islands off the coast of Sicily. Straight from Italy, she moved to China to teach English in Beijing. Danél loved experiencing the rich Chinese culture. After traveling the world, she moved back to South Africa where she worked as a lodge manager in Hoedspruit and Mozambique. She enjoyed her journey around the world but decided to head back to Evander to live with her mother.  It is here where she met a wonderful guy, whom she is dating now. Danél joined the Zebra team to add some sparkle as a hostess and assist behind the bar – who doesn’t love a sparkling personality serving you drinks.

Next time you’re enjoying your wine at Zebra’s why not strike a conversation with Danél about her experience in China, or ask Anele how it is raising four sons! With such a diverse team filled with worldly experience, Zebra’s is the perfect place to come and share some life stories over a lovely cognac or cold beer.


Meet the LAD’s


About Lize van Niekerk

Lize Van Niekerk is an easy going freelance content writer with a BA Visual Communication, a Masters in Fashion Merchandising and obtained an MBA in Marketing. She is always pushing the boundaries of knowledge and experience; with writing experience in the USA, she adds some flair to all her written work.

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