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Get serious motivation at Lake Umuzi

Need to get your team over the last hurdle of the year and set up an awesome 2017? Provide them with extra motivation in completing this year successfully – a year-end function at Lake Umuzi!

Here at Lake Umuzi, in Secunda you have six distinctive venue options to fit any budget and company size.


With a modern African charm, Boesies is the ideal venue for small elegant parties from breakfast to late in the evenings.  Your team will be grateful beyond belief. Contact: 017 631 3452


Want to go all out this year? Mokoro is nestled between the indigenous forest of River Bush Willow, Acacia, Karee and White Stinkwood. Our creative team will create an event that your team will never forget. Contact: [email protected]

Basement Theatre

Basement Theatre is the place to book if you have a large number of personnel and require an elegant ambiance with the possibility to add a show to your event. Contact: [email protected]


Specialising in South African cuisine, Eish!! is known for its relaxing atmosphere that will ease you into a leisurely vacation mood after an eventful year.  You can even come for an informal get-together on a Sunday afternoon with local artists to entertain you. Contact [email protected] | 017 634 5980 | 087 233 5080 


Just above Eish!! you will find the sporty venue.  This down-to-earth venue is furnished with wooden tables and chairs, intrigued lighting and just the most relaxing atmosphere you’ll find.  Overlooking most of Lake Umuzi it might just help you clear your mind and focus on the possible opportunities 2017 offers and how you’re going to embrace it! Contact [email protected] | 017 634 5980 | 087 233 5080

The Deck

If you’re looking for a more small, intimate gathering this venue is ideal.  Situated on the banks of Lake Umuzi between Umuzi Lodge and AquaZone, your ideal catering options include platters at sunset, or a traditional braai.

On-site accommodation options are available with the venues mentioned above.

Please contact us as soon as possible for a quote and get the party started!

Lake Umuzi Waterfront for all your Secunda accommodation needs.


About Rolin Booysen

Rolin Booysen is an enthusiastic marketer at Lake Umuzi, Mpumalanga. She graduated with a B.Com Marketing Management degree from the University of Pretoria. She loves planning events and enjoyed being part of events such as Aardklop, KKNK, Skouspel and Umuzi Week of Festivals, to name a few.In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities, jogging, fishing and hiking.

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