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Misty Waters 2020 – 1st Artist Announcement

Ready for Misty Waters 2020? From 30 April to 2 May 2020, the 4th Misty Waters Music Festival will take place at Lake Umuzi Kamp Oase in Secunda.

Fans have been waiting in anticipation to see what we are planning. The suspense is over! Let’s not keep you waiting any longer…

Here is the 1st artist announcement for Misty Waters 2020.

First up – Springbok Nude Girls

This fivesome band has been around since 1994 and have come a long way since their first gig in Stellenbosch that year. Featuring a rare combination of hard-nosed punk rock, postmodern polished and home-grown grittiness. SPN has put the riff in Ter-riff-ic

Next, we have – Hellcats

This two-piece stripped-down, bare-knuckle rock ‘n roll band from Johannesburg rocked the Misty Waters 2019 stage so much we just had to have them back for another year.

3. Steve Umculo

Steve Umculo is another singer/ songwriter that was born and bred in Jo’burg. His music is a tasty blend between Mumford & Sons-esque harmonies and afro-centric grooves.

4. Wolfgang Marrow

The blues has never been shy of its guttural dirty attempts at spilling guts upon the stage, Wolfgang Marrow is no exception. These four old souls, resurrected ghosts last year with their slide guitar and whiskey drenched vocals.

5. The Lectric Monks

The “Tarantino-Funk ‘n Roll” 6-piece band from Snor City evokes a nostalgic blend of music of the past with today’s modern styles, creating an upbeat dance experience. Drawing from the roots of rock ‘n roll, folk, classical, blues, indie, funk and psychedelic music some have described it as “a new kind of old sound”.

6. Bloumoord

New to the Afrikaans Rock scene, this 4-piece is making name for themselves. We look forward to having these passionate rockers on our stage!

7. Spoegwolf

Being the first Afrikaans artist to reach #1 on Apple Music Album Charts, Spoegwolf’s music is a thought-provoking listening experience. It challenges and delights anyone who listens to it. The authenticity and rawness of their sound keeps you intrigued and wanting more.

8. Shared Address

This duo from Bloemfontein seamlessly blends traditional folk, blues and rock. Being from the not so Free State, they have an international feel to their sound that can get any party going.

9. Saving Oliver

Local is lekker… this alternative rock duo from Secunda has a rich sound with deep meaningful lyrics and heart-pounding drums.

10. Gert Vlok Nel

Poet, composer and singer Gert Vlok Nel has an array of legendary songs on his tally. “Beautiful in Beaufort Wes” is one of the many songs that flowed from Gert’s pen. His album “Onherroeplik” that was released in 2012 should be declared a national treasure. His voice has a sense of longing of an old uncle sitting on his porch telling you about his life’s story.

There you have it fellow kopskud kinders. More artists will follow. In the meantime, stop wasting time and get your hands on the Early Bird tickets.

Misty Waters 2020 – 2nd Artist Announcement

If you have missed our second artist announcement blog posting for Misty Waters 2020, be sure to read it here and see who else is joining this electrifying list of bands set to entertain you from 30 April to 2 May.


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