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The Umculo Story

Umculo, meaning singing and music in Zulu. The name says it all…This man means MUSIC!

The ball of energy, Steve Umculo himself, will be performing at Zebra Lounge @ Lake Umuzi Waterfront on Friday, 7 February 2020. His sensational love for life is the perfect way to start the second month of 2020.

Steve is an optimistic and energetic singer/songwriter hailing from the culturally rich city of Johannesburg, South Africa. After listening to his hit songs ‘Answer’ and ‘Pretty Baby’, one does sense a Mumford & Sons vibe coming from him. A big portion of Steve’s career was spent as a drummer, but his love for singing and writing encouraged him to take to the front of the stage and in 2016 he did just that, with this jovial and cheery single, ‘Answer’.

Once Steve fell in love with the fast-paced frontman lifestyle, there was no stopping this Jozi guy. He moved to Valencia, Spain, to study a music masters in contemporary performance at Berkley College of Music. It was only up from there. The opportunities rolled in from every angle and he quickly gained local appraisal for his live acoustic and 5-piece band sets played at popular venues.

Steve has had many proud and impressive moments in his career, one of which was in June 2017, when he smashed his way onto Radio 3’s breakfast show, Hoy Empieza Todo, where he played live for 200,000 listeners.

Steve successfully maintains a seamless balance between his sing-along melodies and dance-inducing grooves. According to the artist, the fundamental aim of his music is to make you dance. “Who isn’t happy when they’re dancing?!?”

After his big moment on Radio 3’s breakfast show, his musical escapades didn’t stop. His prime-time slots at Plan B Falles Festival 2017, the Negrita stage at Festival De Les Arts 2017 and the 3,000 audience strong, La Nit de Berklee 2017 were more feathers in the cap of his success in Spain.

It’s always wonderful to hear of local artists making a success of themselves internationally, but we are also glad to have Steve back in his motherland and performing, not only at Zebra Lounge but also at Misty Waters 2020. His music pays tribute to the tasty harmonies of folk-rock and groovy rhythms of Africa.

Steve’s energy and positivity is as contagious as it is refreshing. His engaging presence and
cheerful attitude will leave you captivated, motivated and invigorated. Join us at Zebra Lounge on February 7th and try not to fall in love with Steve’s voice and live shows, which is as zestful as his personality.


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