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Ice, water, fire and mist: The elements of Misty Waters

Ancient cultures have always believed in the power of the four elements of nature. We are mostly unaware of them in our busy, fast-paced lives, yet they are everywhere, and affecting us in unseen ways.

In many ways these elements comprise of what we as human beings are made up of. It is as the saying goes, “from dust to dust”, these are also the elements that will form part of our end.

Now, while we are still alive and have yet to return to dust, let’s celebrate the profound elements of Misty Waters Music Festival. The elements that assist in understanding the disentanglement of material life, and for embarking on the journey towards spiritual bliss, or “nirvana.”

Misty Waters has its own, unique elements while staying true to the four elements of nature. The festival’s name in itself suggests two of the elements – Mist and Water.

Elements of the Misty Waters Music Festival

For the early birds, or those party birds that never went to bed, the mighty mist awaits early in the morning. Floating right above Lake Umuzi is this gloomy, yet beautiful cloud of mist. It is like a scene out of the movie Lord of the Rings, and if you’re that person that hasn’t gone to bed yet and delirium is starting to set in, you truly feel like an elf on a quest to save Middle-Earth.

Mist is tiny droplets of water hanging in the air. Without the water of Lake Umuzi we would not have the presence of the eerie mist. Misty Waters is surrounded by a big body of water – our second element.

Lake Umuzi is a stunning lake that acts as the most inspiring backdrop for Misty Waters. The stage is built right next to the lake, and ensures for a spectacular view every time a band performs. Imagine watching Fokofpolisiekar performing on stage, as their reflection bounces off of the water.

Ice is the next element to indulge in, in order to become closer to spiritual bliss at Misty Waters. Naturally, the best way is with a whiskey on the rocks. My suggestion is Glenfiddich and two cubes of ice. Only two cubes in your whiskey, it will chill it slightly, melt into water, and then help release all the wonderful aromas and flavours. The whiskey will also help to keep you warm on the icy nights. With Misty Waters 2019 happening in May, it tends to become quite chilly at night, but have no fear, because the final element on your spiritual journey is fire.

Massive bonfires, fire dancers, and a flaring Misty Waters sign is the fire element to look forward to. On the cold nights, warm yourself up by sitting around a cosy fire with your friends. As with prehistoric cultures, humans have always had a sacred bond with fire, whether it served as ritualistic gathering space or as beacons for those away from camp, the hearth of a fire could be thought of as a primal form of human architecture. The fire element also represents all forms of heat and energy. And the energy that was felt amongst the crowd, when the big Misty Waters sign, drifting on the lake was set on fire, is something from another world.

When you are at Misty Waters in May, and you are holding a nice cold whiskey with two ice cubes, watching the reflection of the burning Misty Waters sign on the water, in that moment find inner peace knowing that it is your nirvana.


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