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How to prepare for Misty Waters

This article is aimed, mainly, at the new festival goer to prepare than the avid one, but you’re never too old to learn a trick or two. Misty Waters Music Festival is only a few weeks away and, as with any outdoor camping festival, it is good to be prepared. Misty Waters is unique to other festivals in offering many wonderful accommodation options in walking distance from its location (please check out The Merchant @ Lake Umuzi, InnGreen @ Lake Umuzi, and Umuzi Lodge.

Having said the above, below is 6 packing tips and considerations for Misty Waters 2020:

Prepare and Plan

1: Be prepared for 4 seasons in one day.

Be sure to pack a pair of warm pants, a hoodie and certainly shoes that you don’t carry too close to your heart. There’s always a chance of rain, with early mornings leaving the grass dewy and this creates mud. Naturally, you need to bring your SPF 30. Often, the days with the nicest, breezy weather lead to the worst sunburns, because you don’t feel the sun burning your skin. Add a wide-brim hat to your bag and you’re good to go!

2: You want to look and feel your best, as well.

There are many ways you can stay fresh and look good during a 3 day outdoor festival. I would suggest dry shampoo, but luckily Misty Waters has the best communal showers – no lies, and best of all no running out of hot water! We’ve all been to that festival…

Wet wipes are also a must for those late nights when you don’t want to get into your sleeping bag all sticky, after a long day in the sun. Ladies, I encourage you to leave as much of your make-up at home as possible – a sufficient short list to pack is foundation, waterproof mascara, and eyeliner. If you’re lucky your foundation could have some SPF in it, otherwise, again, remember that sunscreen!

3: Pack smart.

Be sure to think comfort first when you prepare. Double check that your shoes won’t give you blisters, your shorts don’t chafe your legs, and the tops you plan on wearing don’t require constant adjustment. Remember, you are walking and standing around a lot during a festival, not to mention the mosh pits happening late at night. Pack smart and bring bandages (you never know), feminine products, and Compral’s for those pesky early morning headaches.

4: That lifesaver small bag.

Bring that backpack you got for Christmas last year, a cross-body purse or better yet, a practical fanny pack to store your cell phone, cash, keys and anything else you deem important. If your regular handbag is a bigger size, it probably won’t work well – you’ll want your hands free to hold your drinks.

5: The ‘do not’ of your packing.

Beware of wearing the wrong things… Girls, you want to look your best, and we love it! But some things are just not festival friendly. Rompers and leotards can get problematic when you want to use the restroom during the day. Leave those heels at home, they are not made for a festival. Finally, go easy on the perfume in the morning. You don’t want to waste your expensive perfume at a festival where most people probably won’t even smell it over the fumes of alcohol and smoke.

6: Embrace the Misty experience.

This festival is a life changing weekend, and an eye-opener to all festival goers. It is such a well-planned and thought through festival – it is one of a kind. Misty Waters is a unique experience, so be sure to explore all aspects and really soak up the whole event. Meet new people, embrace the fantastic line-up of amazing South African artists, eat good stall food, drink great drinks, don’t care about how you look and make this weekend the best it can be.


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