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When you see the Build it Blue line, you know it’s Kosmos time!

Kosmos 3 in 1

When the Build it Blue line appears on the roads, it signals the arrival of the highly anticipated Kijima Kosmos 3 in 1 marathon. This distinctive blue route, inspired by the legendary Josia Thugwane’s victorious race at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, not only guides runners through the scenic landscapes but also symbolizes the spirit of community and resilience.

 A Tribute to Josia Thugwane:

Josia Thugwane’s triumphant run on a yellow line at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics left an indelible mark on the running community. His success in both the Olympics and the 42.2km Marathon of the Kijima Kosmos 3 in 1 makes him a local legend and a source of inspiration for all participants. The Build it Blue line pays homage to Thugwane’s achievements and encourages runners to push their limits just like the Olympian did.

Kosmos 3 in 1

The Significance of the Build it Blue Line:

Blue, the color of water, was carefully chosen for the Build it Blue line to inspire runners until they reach the next water point, a signature feature of the Kijima Kosmos 3 in 1 marathon. Unlike standard road markings, the blue color ensures that motorists won’t be confused, enhancing safety for both participants and spectators. The Build it Blue line is designed to fade away after the event, only to reappear in all its glory the following year, marking the return of this celebrated tradition.

A Grateful Community:

The Lake Umuzi Secunda Marathon Club expresses gratitude to Build it, Secunda, for their generous sponsorship of the Build it Blue line. Their support not only contributes to the success of the marathon but also showcases the community’s collaborative efforts to make Secunda the number one place to live. It’s a partnership that goes beyond the race, fostering a sense of pride and unity among locals.

Kosmos 3 in 1

Expanding Horizons: The Concrete 360 Readymix Valentine’s Night Race

In a thrilling development, this year marks a significant expansion for the Lake Umuzi Secunda Marathon Club. In addition to hosting the Kijima Kosmos 3 in 1, they will also be organizing the Concrete 360 Readymix Valentine’s Night Race. This new addition promises to bring a different atmosphere to the running community, combining the excitement of night racing with the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

The Lake Umuzi Secunda Marathon Club is set to create memorable experiences for runners and spectators alike. The Build It Blue line is not just a route marker; it’s a symbol of endurance, unity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Valentine's Night Race

Valentine's Night Race


Kijima Kosmos 3 in 1


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