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Zebra Lounge – Winner Takes All Quiz Night

Zebra Lounge Quiz Night

Quiz Night Thursday’s at Zebra Lounge has become somewhat of a ritual in Secunda. We first started in September 2020 with only one quiz night a month and we soon realised that not only did the people want more, but we wanted more too!

Quiz Night’s aren’t like any other night where you go drinking with your friends and merely sit around drinking, or go to a live show and drink. With quiz nights you are actively part of the night and well, still enjoy drinking. We’ve always tried to push the envelope with quiz nights, including themed quiz nights and collaboration with HD Pop Art on the prizes. We have yet again, pushed the boundaries and are very excited to let you all in on what the next quiz night has in store for you.

Thursday, May 27th is going to be a one-of-a-kind quiz night. The name of this quiz night is WINNER TAKES ALL. So how does it work? It’s going to cost each participant R50, this is your “buy-in,” to participate. All of the combined money goes together into a safe space, until the end of the night. This is when the winning team will receive ALL OF THE MONEY. Yes, you heard correctly! Your team stands a chance to win a whole lot of money – all depending on how many people decide to participate in the quiz.

Should you not want to buy into the quiz and only participate for fun, we completely welcome that too! However, should your team win quiz night you simply get bragging rights and the second-place team will receive all of the winnings.

We’re very excited to see how this night unfolds and how much the winning team gets to take home! So get your R50, your smartest friends, and your ginkgo Biloba ready, because it’s going to be one crazy night!


Zebra Lounge – Quiz Night


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