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What’s for dinner – Secunda

What's for dinner

The question in every household every night, what is for dinner? If you are single, newly married or battling through crazy hour. Dinner is a South African ritual that ends off all our days with a moment of solace. At Lake Umuzi we can help you with an array of options. Best of all – no one has to do the dishes.

Not only do we have dinner covered, but we also have something for anyone. Lake Umuzi is a hub of culinary experiences. Here is a list of options where foodies can satisfy their cravings.


Happy Hong, a beloved classic in Secunda, has joined the Lake Umuzi Waterfront family, becoming a cherished addition. When it comes to describing Chinese cuisine, three traditional aspects – color, scent, and taste – come to mind. Happy Hong excels in the mastery of sushi and ramen.

Happy Hong


Craving authentic North Indian Curry? The Chef House is the answer. Now in collaboration with the original Patiala owners, who have returned to Secunda after five-years. Explore the diverse menu for an authentic taste of Indian cuisine. Experience the essence of North India’s culinary delights. The enticing aromas of authentic curry flavors will draw you in as you stroll along the lakeside pathway.

Patiala Chef's house

Portugues and Mozambican

Justino’s Mozambique and Portuguese restaurant is gaining recognition for its exceptional seafood offerings. Headed by the proud Mozambican chef, Justino, the restaurant brings his expertise and authentic recipes to the community of Secunda. Each dining experience at Justino’s begins with a traditional Portuguese roll freshly baked everyday. The beloved Tipi Tinto and Morango (R&R) drink, enjoyed in Mozambique, can be savored at Justino’s, maintaining the genuine flavors of the region. The restaurant is committed to sourcing the freshest seafood, ensuring that patrons in Secunda can indulge in an authentic Mozambican culinary adventure.


Greek Cypriot

Ocean Basket offers a taste of Greek Cypriot cuisine with generous portions of seafood, complemented by a creamy lemon sauce. The restaurant provides a warm and friendly atmosphere for the Mediterranean-inspired meal. The menu highlights a variety of fresh catches, expertly prepared to satisfy your seafood cravings. Ocean Basket creates an inviting space for those seeking a enjoyable dining experience, where the focus is on the flavors of Greek Cypriot cuisine.

Ocean basket

South African

“Jou ma se kos”. Craving South African favorites? Eish!! South African Kitchen, Hennie’s, and MooMoo’s taps into the rich South African heritage. Meat and burgers galore can be found at these restaurants, promising a satisfying experience for every palate. These eateries capture the essence of local flavors, inviting you to savor the unique heritage that defines South African cuisine. Indulge in a taste of tradition and enjoy a delightful feast that reflects the diverse and vibrant food culture of South Africa at Eish!! South African Kitchen, Hennie’s, and MooMoo’s.

Eish Secunda Restaurant food

Coming Soon

As if you weren’t already spoiled for choice. Coming soon to Lake Umuzi is the fresh and healthy coffee and curious shop. Evoke will be the new hang out for all the women of Secunda (don’t worry boys, you’re welcome too). Evoke will offer a range of healthy options such as wraps, salads, and quiches, along with indulgent treats like delectable cakes and cocktails. Beyond being a restaurant, it’s the perfect venue for hosting your special events – birthdays, kitchen teas, baby showers, and more. Expect a quaint and intimate atmosphere. Stay tuned to our social media pages for further details.


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