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Reinheitsgebot | Friday, 23 April

Reinheitsgebot Secunda

Celebrate the signing of the Beer Purity Law | Reinheitsgebot

This Friday, we celebrate 505 years since the signing of the Reinheitsgebot (beer purity law); a regulation that mandates which ingredients are allowed for the brewing of beer. In 1516, the first German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot), was promulgated in Munich by Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria, stating that beer should be brewed from only three ingredients – water, malt and hops.

At Lake Umuzi Waterfront, we are proud to have 2 very different brewing companies on the premises.

The Lake Umuzi Brewing Company, brews most of their beers to an English style, with the exception of the Weiss beer that is made to the original German Style.  The Lake Umuzi Brewing Company has been the supplier of the hand-crafted eish!! Brew for the past 4 years, and will soon move into their own premises on the new extension adjacent to the Dros.

Homebrew Lab, the latest addition to Lake Umuzi Waterfront, is part gin-distillery and part beer-brewery. Half of the hand-crafted beers are made in a Belgian Style and the other 50 percent is brewed in an American Style.

On Friday, 23 April 2021, Radio Kalahari Orkes will return to eish!! Restaurant to celebrate the signing of the Reinheitsgebot, 505 years ago. To ensure a festive celebration, the entrance fee to the show is free, thanks to the generous assistance by TWK Agri Insurance, a leading provider of short-term insurance in the Secunda area. The performance can be viewed from eish!! or Homebrew Lab’s deck overlooking the eish!! stage. Local talent, Marichelle, will kick off the day from 15h00 and sing in various intervals throughout the evening. Radio Kalahari Orkes (RKO) will take to the stage from 18h00 and again from 20h00. This will give you an opportunity to enjoy dinner at any one of the restaurants at Lake Umuzi Waterfront, while not missing out on the performance by RKO.

In celebration of this momentous moment, Bosveld Lapa Restaurant will have a cocktail and sushi special.  Enjoy a delectable beer-battered hake at Ocean Basket or an ice-cold Windhoek draught at Dros brewed in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot. For one day only Homebrew Lab will sell all their hand-crafted draught beers for only R29.00 on tap.

Prost to the vision of the Duke of Bavaria to bring us quality beer for the last 505 years!

Radio Kalahari Orkes

Reinheitsgebot | Friday, 23 April 2021


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