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Taste 6 different wines every Wednesday at Upstairs!

The Wine Lady Wednesdays

Enjoy the good times every Wednesday, at Upstairs at eish!! with Amanda Smith, aka The Wine Lady, who shares her extensive and unlimited knowledge on wines, winemaking, wine estates and artisanal wines. She represents a range of Boutique Wineries and Artisanal Wines from the Winelands in the Western Cape.

Every Wednesday, she will showcase three of her wines from Boutique Wineries, that is from small run, limited production, handcrafted wines. The winemaker can give personal attention to every batch, making it difficult to bulk produce wines. A winery is considered Boutique if it produces less than 10 000 cases per annum. These wines are generally not available in the mass market and can only be found at the winery, discerning restaurants and specialist wine merchants. Something not to be missed.

Upstairs The Wine Lady Wednesdays

Even though eish!! restaurant has a large range of very well priced wines, 68 different wines to be exact, the majority wines sold annually is wine by the glass or bottom range wines. To make your choice of wine easier when dining at eish!!, Amanda will also introduce three quality wines found on the eish!! wine list, giving everyone the chance of testing their pallets for those days that call for a treat. The Wine Lady will explain all the intimate details of each wine before tasting.

The Wine Lady Wednesdays

Wine evenings always turn into fun for everyone and can be repeated as often as one wants. Make new friends, enjoy good wine and have a great time every Wednesday evening with Amanda, The Wine Lady.

So why not have some fun and do something different for a change? Groups of 12 to 16 are ideal to keep it sane but up to 24 folks could be catered for.

Would you like to form you own private group? Only R85 per person per evening of wine sensation.

Simply arrange with the Wine Lady on 083 447 8452.

The Wine Lady Wednesdays

The Wine Lady Wednesday | Upstairs! | Secunda


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