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Heritage Day

The Republic of South Africa has a rich history, although interwoven, a very poignant past with copious heart rendering episodes of bloodshed.

The sacrifices by the Armed Forces will have to endure forever, the glaring testimony of soldiers that paid the highest price in the battle for the freedom we enjoy today.

It is consequently appropriate to employ Heritage Day to remember those that went before us.

Let’s honour our fellow soldiers of the Armed Forces that did not return from the blood-soaked battle fields. Those that did return but forever suffering with physical and phycological scars, by dedicating Heritage Day to them, with the apt name “Protea Day”.

The Armed Forces’ veterans of the SADFA, will be hosting, on “Protea Day”, the notorious “two comma four” run, at Lake Umuzi, September 24, 2018.

What better way to remember the training, hardship, camaraderie and Esprit de Core between fellow soldiers, with a run that is engraved in our memory of days past?

Event details:

  • Date: 24 September 2018
  • Venue: Lake Umuzi Artisan Square
  • Distance to walk/ Run: 2,4km
  • Registration: 9:00
  • 2,4 Start: 10:00

For more information: 082 457 3646

One thought on “Heritage Day

  1. Laurinda says:

    Hi Rolin, I would like to find out what is the exact date and time for the colour run during the spring fest.

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