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Local Choir to Sing with Manuel Escorcio

On Sunday, 17 November Highveld Ridge Youth Choir will be performing with the world renowned Manuel Escorcio. Manuel is well known as the man with the “golden voice”. He started out as an Opera singer where he grabbed the attention of many but he gained more popularity with his popular music and charismatic stage presence. Some of hits are Vrygesel and Take me where the sun is shining. He has travelled the world and performed in numerous countries. One of his career milestones is that he was awarded the exceptional honour of a Medallion and Comendador title for the Portuguese Government.

Highveld Ridge Youth Choir has requested to sing “Funiculi Funicula” with Manuel and he has agreed to do so.

On Sunday, 17 November the Highveld Ridge Youth Choir will perform at Eish!! South African Kitchen from 11h00, thereafter Manuel will perform. Entrance is free of charge and families can enjoy the lovely classical sounds on Eish!!’s deck or from any of the other restaurants at Lake Umuzi Waterfront.


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Rolin Booysen is an enthusiastic marketer at Lake Umuzi, Mpumalanga. She graduated with a B.Com Marketing Management degree from the University of Pretoria. She loves planning events and enjoyed being part of events such as Aardklop, KKNK, Skouspel and Umuzi Week of Festivals, to name a few.In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities, jogging, fishing and hiking.

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