Until when can I buy tickets online?

Online ticket sales stop on Wednesday, April 24 2024 at 17:00.

Limited tickets will be available at the gate.

What are the gate check in times?

Gate times and ticket sales:

Friday 10:00 to 22:00
Saturday 10:00 to 20:00
Sunday 11:00 to 16:00

Will there be day tickets?

What is the day ticket prices?

Yes, we do have day tickets available online.  Online tickets sales stop on Wednesday, 26 April at 17:00.

Day Ticket rates:

Adults & Kids 13+: R190pp
Kids age 7 – 12: R80pp
Kids under 7 – FREE

Adults & Kids 13+: R290pp
Kids age 7 – 12: R100pp
Kids under 7 – FREE

Adults & Kids 13+: R120pp
Kids age 7 – 12: R60pp
Kids under 7 – FREE

Can I bring my cooler box into the festival grounds?

Only weekend attendees are allowed to bring a cooler box in, given it remains at their campsite. Day attendees are NOT allowed to bring a cooler box in.

Can I bring my car into the festival grounds?

No, only festies camping at Kamp Oase can bring in one vehicle per stand. No cars allowed in by general campers.

There is an arranged shuttle that assists you from the entry gate to your chosen campsite spot with all your luggage.

When can I start camping?

Kamp Oase campers and general camping campers are allowed to set-up camp as early as Thursday, April 24 2024, by prior arrangement. Contact Central Reservation to arrange.

[email protected] or 017 631 3452/ 3441 / 3506

When are we required to leave the festival grounds after the festival is finished?

Kamp Oase campers and general camping campers are allowed to stay until Tuesday, April 30, 2024. Festies staying in luxury accommodation are subject to hotel check-out times.

What does my weekend ticket include?

Access to the festival grounds, all the live shows, and general camping for the whole weekend.

Does my booked accommodation include my festival ticket?

Yes, your booked accommodation at Lake Umuzi (which includes The Merchant Hotel, Umuzi Lodge and/or InnGreen) includes your festival ticket.

Will there be food and drink stalls?

Yes, there are various food, drink and merchandise stalls located around the festival ground.

Can we braai/have open fire on the festival grounds?

Kamp Oase has designated braai stands, which allows for fire. However, general camping can only braai if they bring their own
portable braai.

No open fires allowed.