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Lake Umuzi Safari Experience

Safari Experience

This year is still fresh and there’s a whole lot left to experience. One particular experience that comes to mind is the Lake Umuzi Safari Experience. Join in on this adventure and start this New Year off the right way. The Lake Umuzi Experience involves you enjoying yourself and getting rewarded for it!
You could be the winner of a couple’s massage at Mvua Wellness Spa or a night in the Merchant or Umuzi Lodge honeymoon suite and the means to the prize is really fun! When you complete the whole Lake Umuzi Safari Experience in one night you stand the chance to win one night in the honeymoon suite of the Merchant Hotel or Umuzi Lodge and when you complete the whole Safari Experience in one week you stand the chance to win a couples massage at Mvua Wellness Spa.
How does the Lake Umuzi Safari Experience work?
At Lake Umuzi there are six restaurants and bars, namely Bosveld Lapa, Dros, eish!!, Ocean Basket, Upstairs!, and Zebra Lounge. The Safari Experience requires you as the customer to enjoy a meal and/or a drink at each of these establishments to qualify for the Safari Experience prize. To qualify for the honeymoon suite, all six establishments have to be visited in one night. If you have your eyes on a couples massage, you have one week to visit all six establishments. Your visit has to include an actual purchase of your preferred choice of meal and/or drink at each restaurant or bar.

An example of a potential Lake Umuzi Safari Experience week:
(Win a couples massage at Mvua Wellness Spa)

Monday: A Monday Special Chicken Schnitzel for only R79 at Bosveld Lapa
Tuesday: A Sunrise Breakfast for only R29 at eish!!
Wednesday: Treating yourself to Zebra Lounge’s cocktail special (x2 cocktails for only R80)
Thursday: Enjoying a plate of fresh Oysters at Ocean Basket
Friday: Relaxing on the eish!! deck indulging in their pizza and wine hour (a free glass of wine with every pizza)
Saturday: Watching the sunset over the lake on the Upstairs! deck, whilst enjoying a craft Homebrew Lab beer
Sunday: Enjoy a family get together at Dros and indulge in their Eisbein

An example of a potential Lake Umuzi Safari Experience day/night:
(Win one night in the honeymoon suite of The Merchant Hotel or Umuzi Lodge)

Start your morning strong with a hearty mince waffle breakfast at (1) eish!! With a full stomach head over to (2) Dros for their Black Friday special and indulge in two 500ml Castle Lager draughts. Lunch is served at (3) Ocean Basket where you feast on a crispy bowl of calamari heads and hake. As the sun is starting to set you hurry up the stairs and enjoy a cocktail on the deck at (4) Upstairs! with lovely Latin American music setting the mood for the remainder of the night. Eating is not cheating and you move the party to (5) Bosveld Lapa for a delicious plate of ribs and chips. Now that the sun has set and the night’s mood has shifted, you too shift on to your final stop of the night at (6) Zebra Lounge where you join your friends for a game of pool and a brandy special.

Please take note that the above are only examples or suggestions. Create your own day or week and fully embrace the Lake Umuzi Safari Experience. The Safari Experience is currently active and runs up until February 14th, 2021 (Valentine’s Day).

The form which you have to complete to qualify for the Safari Experience can be collected at either one of the six restaurants and bars. Please see below what the form looks like. You will be expected to fill in your Name & Surname, cell phone number, e-mail, date that you started and the date that you ended the Safari Experience.

Lake umuzi Safari Experiece voucher

Below is an illustration of the map illustration for the Lake Umuzi Safari Experience. This will serve as your guide through your Safari Experience. Please note there is no particular order in which the map has to be completed. The map simply serves as a guide for your enjoyment.

We encourage you to participate in and enjoy this unique Safari Experience at Lake Umuzi.


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