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What to do on Valentine’s Day in Secunda

So, you’ve bought her the roses and the chocolates; you’ve bought him that expensive watch he wanted so badly; he has taken you out to a classy restaurant (even though it’s not your style, but it is the thought that counts…); she has taken you to see your favourite sports game…

Do something different this year, take your loved one on an adventure! Take them to Lake Umuzi Waterfront in Secunda, where you could either take him/her to a romantic dinner at Boesies or to a lovely atmosphere at Eish!!.

Boesies, the gem of Lake Umuzi, offers an A La Carte Menu Valentine’s Dinner.  Eish!!, the South African Cousine, offers Valentine’s Platter for 2 (R250) or a Three Course Dinner (R195 p.p).

Accommodation options are also available if you’re having a great time and aren’t ready to leave yet!

Contact Eish!! [email protected] | 017 634 5980 | 087 233 5080

Contact Boesies 017 631 3452

Lake Umuzi Waterfront for all your Secunda accommodation needs.

Rolin Booysen

About Rolin Booysen

Rolin Booysen is an enthusiastic marketer at Lake Umuzi, Mpumalanga. She graduated with a B.Com Marketing Management degree from the University of Pretoria. She loves planning events and enjoyed being part of events such as Aardklop, KKNK, Skouspel and Umuzi Week of Festivals, to name a few.In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities, jogging, fishing and hiking.

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