Warrior Princesses


Honoring the bond between ladies aged 9 to 99. The courses are scattered with muddy obstacles, lots of laughing, great teamwork, and determination.

Laerskool Goedehoop presents – Warrior Princesses Secunda, 4 November 2023

We are so excited to be able to present the Warrior Princesses on 4 November 2023 at Kamp Oasis, Lake Umuzi South Side, Secunda.

Now…..the link to book the best day for 2023 is RIGHT HERE, you don’t want to miss this!!

Racing the Rules….

1. Entry fee is R280 per lady – here is the link for the entry form: One entry form per fabulous lady, please.

2. Ages between 9 and 99 years are more than welcome to participate. Ladies over a 100 becomes way too risky!

3. The more the merrier and groups are welcome to join. Please, no more than 10 members in a team. Individual registrations will be grouped together.

4. Payment can be made either by hard cash or the softer EFT option can be followed.

EFT – Banking Details:
Laerskool Goedehoop
Branch code 632005
Account number 1510490378.
Reference number: WP and your name/team name.
E-mail proof of payment to [email protected].

5. Mr. Boss you can request an invoice for your lady’s team at [email protected]. Please advise Company Name, Physical Address, Contact details, and person.

6. Mr. Boss you can challenge other Big Guns via social media! Contact Juanita Fourie at 082 081 9654 for arrangements.

7. All teams must report to the registration table before the event.

8. To keep the route of the race fun no practice runs will be allowed.

9. No worry about traffic jams – groups with no more than 2 teams will be set off every 10 minutes.

10. In the event where a team member cannot overcome an obstacle she will have to do an alternative that will be advised at the obstacle.

11. All team members must complete the course together, either by running, laughing, crawling, or walking.

12. For the starving and dry as raisin athletes and spectators, ample food and drinks will be available to purchase.

13. As this is a fun race, no doping is needed, no alcohol, no drugs, firearms or any dangerous weapons will be allowed into/onto the venue.

14. Spectators will be allowed but only for support in the designated areas.

15. We know that participants are animal lovers, but please for the safety of your pets none will be allowed.

16. Security guards and marshals will be available on the day of the event to ensure your safety and an uneventful day.

17. Ambulance services and medics will be available.



Juanita Fourie – 082 081 9654