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Video Gallery

Lake Umuzi National Rally - What will happen at Ermelo Rally?

Lake Umuzi National Rally: DAY 2 - Midday

Lake Umuzi National Rally: DAY 2 - Morning

Lake Umuzi Rally DAY 2 morning

Lake Umuzi National Rally: DAY 1 - End

Lake Umuzi National Rally: DAY 2 - Pre-race

Official Misty Waters 2018 After Movie

The Official Misty Waters 2018 After Movie. #TBT to the most MYSTICAL weekend of the year!

What can you expect at Lake Umuzi? Have a look at our video gallery to see what we have to offer.

Misty Waters 2018 After Movie Teaser 3

Misty Waters 2018 OFFICIAL After movie will be released Thursday, 7 June, 2018

Misty Waters 2018 After Movie Teaser 2

It's coming it's coming!!! Misty Waters 2018 After movie COMING SOON... for now here's TEASER #2 to prickle your senses

Misty Waters Music Festival 2018 After Movie Teaser 1

Wait for it... Misty Waters Music Festival 2018 after movie coming out soon! Aaaand its on FIRE!

Cosmos 3-in-1 2018 After

The Cosmos 3-in-1 2018 mountain bike race was another great success. View some of the scenes from this year's race and hear what the Pro's had to say about 2018.

Snotkop @ Eish!!

Snotkop recently performed at Eish!! Restaurant in Secunda and delivered an amazing show to his local fans.

Misty Waters 2018

Misty Waters Music Festival 2018 is taking place at Kamp Oase, Lake Umuzi from 27 - 29 April.

Misty Waters Line Up 2018

The Misty Waters Music Festival 2018 line-up of performers has been announced!

Lake Umuzi, Mpumalanga

Adventure, fun and relaxation… only an hour away from the East Rand.At Lake Umuzi we have a variety of restaurants, a waterpark, the largest jungle gym in Africa, 2 hotels, self-catering chalets, a camping oasis and 2 golf courses within a 10min drive.

Kosmos 3-in-1 2018

The Kosmos 3-in-1 2018 Road race was anther great success! Looking forward to seeing all the runners again in 2019.

Cosmos 3-in-1 MTB 2018

3 Races in one day! The ultimate 100km MTB. "Don't let the flower fool you"

Highveld Water Warriors

The community of Secunda, Mpumalanga donated 150 000 litres of water for Beaufort-West and Prince Albert that are in desperate need because of the drought. Lake Umuzi is proud to be a part of this amazing project.

Kampeerders by Kamp Oase

Die kampeerders by Kamp Oase, Lake Umuzi, praat so bietjie met ons oor hulle ervaring van die kamp terrein.


Eish!! South African Kitchen has a brand new indoor play areas for the little ones!Come and relax with us knowing that the little ones are safe, secure and having the time of their lives.

Carnival Square

Carnival Square at Lake Umuzi Waterfront has the biggest jungle gym in Africa for kids under 1.2m.This is a safe and enjoyable entertainment area where toddlers and pre-primary school children can live out all their adventures, while parents can enjoy the hospitality of the restaurants & entertainment Lake Umuzi Waterfront has to offer.