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PJ Pretorius – Sometimes a Goodbye is a Second Chance

On Tuesday evening, 27 June 2017, MNET has given PJ Pretorius and Luke Lovemore the option to return to the #TheVoice.  The five remaining talented participants can also be rest assured that none of them will be going home this coming Sunday.

The reason for this decision is due to the alert about an alleged paid-for marketing efforts (boosted posts) on some of the talent’s personal social media accounts. MNET decided on fairness and transparency as these efforts could have affected PJ’s and Luke’s past two voting periods.

“The Voice SA has proved to be an excellent platform for launching the careers of new singing talent and we would like encourage our viewers to continue to vote for their favourites”, says Nkateko Mabaso, GM for M-Net South Africa.

On Sunday, 25 June 2017, PJ Pretorius had to leave The Voice SA after receiving the least number of votes.  Even though he beat multiple participants during the season, the odds weren’t in his favour during the Top 7.

Karen Zoid, PJ’s coach, consoled him to ‘never stop dreaming’. She also promised that even though he should make a name for himself out there, she will always have his back.

On behalf of all PJ’s fans and followers, Lake Umuzi Waterfront in Secunda would like to congratulate PJ on returning to the show and that we all have your back too.  Good luck to the performances ahead and strive for the very best!

The winner of The Voice SA will be determined by the votes of the viewing public and will be announced during the finale on Sunday, 9 July at 05:30pm.

Good Luck!


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