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Zebra Lounge is back!

Zebra Lounge is Back

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked Level 2!

What does this mean for Zebra Lounge and our alcoholic beverage lovers?

Last Saturday night August 15th, our President announced the following, with regards to taverns, bars, and alcohol sales:
– Alcohol may be sold for consumption in licensed premises.
– All gatherings are limited to a maximum of 50 people.
– A curfew remains in place from 10pm to 4am.

Why list these specific points? Because they all relate to Zebra Lounge and our reopening!

Yes, you heard right, we are back and better than ever.
Before lockdown, we had a few events planned and was ready for entertaining you guys non-stop, which we, unfortunately, had to cancel.

Those events included a wine tasting, quiz nights, and three live shows. For those of you who have visited Zebra Lounge, you will know our lounge is quaint and small – our venue doesn’t take more than 80 people.

We can easily host intimate, small shows and you can finally come out for a fun, safe night knowing there are not too many people surrounding you. With that being said, our plan is to ease into this new normal of ours and start slow and small. We are planning to restart our events very soon, possibly with a live show to hit off the new normal and the new Zebra’s.

Naturally, once our events start happening again they will be finished by 9:30 pm in order to adhere to the curfew and get you all home in time.
In the meantime, Zebra Lounge is open to the public from 10 am for all you coffeeholic and work addicts to come and take advantage of our premises; we’ve got fantastic coffee, cappuccinos, café latte’s, and teas. Don’t forget a quiet place to work with FREE WIFI!

If coffee is not your thing, come and finally get drinks served to you and not by you at your house. We’ve got lovely cocktail specials and affordable cold beer!

Bring the girls for a girl’s night accompanied by beautiful blues music in the background or get the lads together for a cold one, whilst listening to some good indie-rock.

We’ve got what you want…tasty drinks, chill lounge vibes and good music!

Zebra Lounge is back!

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