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6 Things you didn’t know about Zebra Lounge

6 Things you didn't know about Zebra Lunge

Zebra Lounge, or as the locals like to call it Zebra’s, has been open for a year now. It’s been quite the eventful year for Zebra’s with many live shows, wine tastings and not to mention COVID-19 and lockdown. The few months of closure during lockdown gave everyone time to re-evaluate their paths and think some things through, this includes the Zebra Lounge team. We had time to think about the experience we wanted to offer our clientele when they enter Zebra Lounge.

The ideal is to provide Secunda with something unalike and unique, something Secunda has been missing and longing for – we realise that people don’t want to experience the same thing over and over.

In Zebra Lounge’s year of existence, many things have changed and the lounge is adapting to its environment and its customers daily. The premise of this article is to let the whole of Secunda and its surroundings know what they can expect from a visit to Zebra’s…and no, it’s not what you’ve heard from everyone else.

This is your space…

We created a matchless space for everyone to come and enjoy a few drinks.  A space where anyone (above the legal age of drinking; 18-years-old) is welcome.  If you’re working late and want to grab a beer in less formal clothing, we welcome you! Zebra’s has no specific dress code, as long as you’d be comfortable meeting your future in-laws in what you’re wearing, we’re happy.

Your memories…

We prefer everyone to feel included, and let’s just say with our jam-packed year of events, you’re not going to want to miss out! We’re talking quiz nights, wine tastings, and more live performances!

Your specials…

Come to Zebra’s and indulge in our wonderful Wednesday cocktail special, which means you get two colourful cocktails for the desirable price of R80 or get our KWV 3 Year special which gets you two doubles and a coke for only R70. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if you’re looking for a good time, with affordable drinks and mind-blowingly exciting events, Zebra’s is the place for you!

Your office…

Since the end of lockdown we’ve also started opening earlier during the day [at 10am] to provide Secunda with a quiet workspace to come and attend Zoom meetings or work on projects, whilst enjoying a creamy cappuccino. And guess what, even our hot beverages are priced really well!

More of the new…

We’re coining the term hybrid lounge for the adapted Zebra’s – hybrid meaning a combination of two things; a coffee shop and a lounge.

Zebra’s also got a whole new geometric, simplistic logo, because an updated lounge should have updated branding. Head over to our Facebook and Instagram page to get a feel for our new hybrid lounge vibe.

So why not come and experience Zebra’s for yourself, instead of following according to what other people think and do. We are here and ready to offer Secunda a spot worth making your new regular hangout.

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6 Things you didn’t know about Zebra Lounge

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