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The best of REAL music in South Africa

Tick tock tick tock goes the clock, as we are ticking closer and closer to the most rocking festival with REAL music in South Africa. With three massive artist announcements behind us featuring 26 of the best Blues, Rock, Folk and Indie bands in the country!

We, at Misty Waters, pride ourselves in handpicking the most authentic artists from all over the country. So, with that mouthful said, it gives us great pleasure to present you with some of the better known, as well as to introduce you to the rising stars on the SA music scene.

Starting off with a band whose reputation precedes them, the blokes from Bellville… Fokofpolisiekar, an obvious addition to the mix as their raw on-stage energy will grip you by the forehead until you have no other choice than to head bang. With songs beholding powerful, poetic and honest-to-the-bone lyrics, Fokofpolisiekar will mash in well with the raw authenticity which is Misty Waters.

Returning for his second year is Albert Frost, dubbed the “South African Hendrix”, Frost deftly alternates between rhythm and lead, showcasing his extraordinary skills on acoustic and electric guitars. This year Albert will be bringing along a friend named Tubatsi Moloi, better known as the lead vocalist for Urban Village. Tubatsi, influenced by the sounds of Blues, Jazz, Rock, and African Folk Music, will synergistically fuse with Albert on stage to bring you an original sound you’ve probably never heard before.

Wolfgang Marrow. The name kind of sounds like some raw cannibalistic meal from Transylvania, but alas, the only raw you will experience from this band will be their talent on stage. Originally from the Free State, Wolfgang Marrow’s dirty blues jams represent a big part of what Misty Waters is all about. In the same breath, it’s worth mentioning Monkeys in Boots, who also showcases their unique sound of swamp rock blues. Hailing from Snor City, these monkeys add the authentic sounds of harmonica, banjo, and violin to their ensemble; staying true to the classic origins of blues.

Since we don’t have much experience in South Africa when it comes to bears, we’ll take this band’s word for it. Don’t Poke the Bear is the name, the advice and the warning preceding this group of Capetonians as their lyrical daydreams will creep deep into your soul. With a range of songs that cannot be placed into a genre-box, their contemporary sound forms a strong backdrop to thought and feeling centered lyrics and vocals.

When you think about the emotional movement of the ocean, it is easy to understand how these artists from Cape Town can create such meaningful melodies. This is also true for Sean Koch, whom some refer to as our South African Xavier Rudd; although we would argue that the influence one receives from South Africa’s natural beauty by far surpasses that of any other. With that said, Sean Koch’s fusion of reggae folk, naturally blended into a foot- tapping, country surf style will take you on a stroll along the beaches of Bloubergstrand.

Speaking of the ocean, you’ll also be cooled down with a splash of waves, Tidal Waves that is, and more reggae tunes to mesmerize with the rhythms of Africa. The touch of Africa will be seen scattered among the line-up; we have heard rumors of possible Zebra sightings on stage. This Pretorian band is said to bring a very interactive performance to the stage, all clothed with the black and white stripes of the graceful beasts.

Other animals you’ll be able to spot around Misty Waters are the legendary blues-rock band, The Black Cat Bones, returning once again to pour some Jägermeister down our throats. Other cats amongst our litter are the balls-to-the-wall raw rock ‘n’ roll sounds of Hellcats; with an expected full-throttle jam as they always light the fires on stage. Deon Bakkes will also be wrangling his Stolen Horses to the stables of our stage in order to “spunk up your drunk” with their Gypsy Jazzpunk.

It is really starting to sound like a cowboy expo, with some of these colourfully named bands – with another joining the sunset shootout, Jerry and the Bandits. They will undoubtedly spice things up with their indie-folk, supported by saxophone, harmonica, and ukulele. Always staying true to our authentic only policy at Misty Waters, we feel it is important to have an array of artists hosted here; from soft and smooth sounds – such as that of the extremely talented Adelle Nqeto – through a melodic spectrum to the electro-driven rock – like ShutUp! It’s Sunday, Raygun Royale and Kings of Improg. The latter entrancing audiences with an instrumental melodic blend.

Now – we’ve already mentioned a few blues acts on the roster – but for Misty Waters, there is no such thing as too much blues, because the rock of today owes so much to its humble blues beginnings. A vast range exists within the blues realm, every other artist so different from the next. With the “vinger-tokkel” acoustics of Emile Swiegers, to the gutsy blues-rock of Black Water, the upbeat soulfulness of FLØRIS and the foot stomping blues of Basson Laubscher & the Violent Free Peace. All of these talents come together to pay tribute to the wonderful gutbucket blues of the past.

When you’ve drifted off to the past with the nostalgic beginnings of rock, upon your return to the now we will make a pit stop in 2006, where we’ll be reminded of the “Potchcore” of Straatligkinders – which many of us still long for today. If you haven’t noticed yet, the Afrikaans alternative band has made a return after a six-year break with their new album (Verdwyn) and they will be entertaining us at Misty Waters 2019 with some of their new songs as well as ‘nostalgise’ us with the hits from way back.

If you thought we made a mistake on our line-up by thinking we might have accidentally added our groceries to the list, rest assured that Earl Grey & Croquet is a band far from an English tea and placid sport. These guys really know how to rock ’n roll with style! Listening to their songs makes one feel as though you’ve heard it before, just because they’re so catchy.

We’ve sure got some interesting characters lurking around the VIP area. The quirky looking alternative/punk trio, The Lebowski, certainly know how to rock around the block; the lady spice from Saarkie will unshakeably freshen the air with their rocking aromas. Rocking aromas will be scenting the air without a doubt, with one of the sources coming all the way from the United States of Khayelitsha in the form of Afro/blues-rock group Warongx, taking the SA music scene by storm with their rhythmic grooves.

Last, but not least, is a group who have been praised by Muse Magazine as the band that pioneered the hard rock revival in South Africa, a band who has always lived up to the guitar-slinging edginess of rock ‘n roll… Taxi Violence! They have journeyed a long way through tons of hard work and well-deserved accolades to be seen as one of the best live acts in the country.

Oh Yes! When you are done pitching your tent at Misty Waters 2019, you will make the first step into a journey of “back to back” musical greatness; each performance as spectacular as the last. In a seemingly never-ending loop of psychedelic sound waves warming the air, you will be reminded of the awesomeness of the music we can be so proud of in South Africa.

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