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Tiaan Burger is going to Electric Sea Music Festival!!

Tiaan  Burger is off to Electric Sea Music Festival in Rostock, Germany, after winning  2 Air Tickets in the Whatsapp competition leading up to Misty Waters 2017. After a lot of thought and consideration, he decided to go to Electric Sea Music Festival.  Burger and his friend, Waldo Swart, will be flying to Germany on 6 December arriving just in time for the festival on 8 December.

We tied up with him to find out why, where & what 

Why did you choose Electric Sea Music Festival?

It certainly attracted my attention, even though this year’s line-up has not yet been released. They had amazing talents last year, to the likes of Dany Alvila, Vini Vici and Gestӧrt aber GeiL and many more. We can only expect the line-up to be packed with great artists and bands, if not better.

Where did you meet Waldo?

We both attended Hoërskool Secunda. We are still good friends, even though he is studying Mechanical Engineering at Pukke and I am working at NTT Nissan, Secunda this year.  We will definitely have a lot of fun touring Germany and doing some sightseeing.

What are some of the things you would like to do in Germany?

We haven’t worked out an exact travel plan yet but we certainly want to do some skiing, golfing, a tour through Berlin on a Segway, play a game of Airsoft and watch a soccer match in Munich.

Are you coming to Misty Waters 2018?

Definitely! I already bought my weekend ticket and can’t wait for the festival. This year’s line-up is going to be great. I’m looking forward to The Black Cat Bones, Koos Kombuis and many more.

What are some of the things that stand out about Misty Waters for you?

The camping makes it very comfortable and re-assuring. When you are partying, you can just go fall over in your tent. Last year, I remember waking up during the night and the music was still playing.  It was an awesome vibe.

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