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Not a fan of camping?

Are you having total FOMO about Misty Waters Music Festival 2019 but you are not really a fan of camping? Not to worry, we have heard your cry and have the perfect solution.

Misty Waters will be held at Lake Umuzi Kamp Oase’s festival grounds and is walking distance from not one, but TWO hotels and a lodge. Now you are faced with a problem – but this is a wonderful problem to have.

Which one of the hotels or lodge do you choose? We have made a list of all the pro’s and more pro’s (there aren’t any con’s) of each option.

First Option: InnGreen at Lake Umuzi

InnGreen is an environmentally friendly hotel with direct access to Upstairs – one of the local pubs.
Accommodation includes breakfast that can be enjoyed at Eish!! Restaurant. Safe parking for your vehicle at the waterfront with security guards. Follow the winding walkway next to the rustling sounds of the lake ‘til you hear the call of Misty Waters dragging you into her seductive psychedelic atmosphere.

Camping alternative - Inn Green


Second Option: The Merchant at Lake Umuzi

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, this business class hotel offers the modern day traveler a relaxing stay, reminiscent of travels of years gone by.  Here you can rejoice in a peaceful night’s sleep to prepare for the next days travels through the mystical musical adventures that lay just beyond the break of dawn. After a hearty breakfast in the hotels, you can embark on your travels to the festival grounds, only 300m away, while your vehicle can rest in the shade of the thorn trees.

Camping alternative - The Merchant Hotel


Third option: Umuzi Lodge

Umuzi means “the village” in Ndebele, the indigenous people of the area. These village styled chalets can accommodate 4 to 6 people. Here you can embrace the feeling of community between friends and family by bunking up with those you love. With the focal point being community, these chalets are self-catering with fully equipped kitchens. Fill common space, cook together and embrace the sense of closeness. The drum beats of Misty Waters mimicking your heartbeat, with the rock, blues and folk waves so close you can taste it.

To make your decision even easier, all these options have complimentary Wifi. Another bonus, complimentary with your weekend stay you will receive access passes to the festival. #winningatlife. Double rooms have 2 weekend passes included, 4 sleeper chalets receive 4 weekend passes and 6 sleeper chalets will get 6 weekend passes. How great is that!?

For bookings please contact us on [email protected] or 087 233 5082.

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