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Gerald Clark – The myth, the man, the musician, the legend himself!

At Zebra Lounge, we are excited to provide you with a jam-packed February. Steve Umculo performed on 7 February and on 14 February, Fay Lamour will be starting your evening on a romantic note.

We will be ending February with a bang! This singer/songwriter has five successful albums, one of which was nominated for a South African Music Award (SAMA), an MTV Europe Animation Award, and what else…oh right, a nomination for the best solo act at 2016’s Woordfees. This man is going to blow you away!

Gerald Clark is performing at Zebra Lounge on Thursday, 20 February, and you don’t want to miss this! Gerald Clark is an accomplished South African musician recognized for his extraordinary ability to tell a story with his music. He is one of SA’s top musicians – a singer and songwriter famous for his voice that can get down to the soul and honesty that consists within the blues.

He is living a life filled with camping, surfing, mountain biking, and horse riding. Not to mention, he has travelled and performed in over 14 countries. No wonder he has such a skill for storytelling. He is not your average singer/songwriter or bluesman, he takes a unique approach to music and he will never fail to entertain. His passion and love for life can be heard in his music.

He has earned bragging rights in the music industry, and we are going to brag about him a little more. As mentioned earlier, Gerald Clark has released 5 successful albums of which one, Sweepslag, was nominated for a South African Music Award (SAMA).

Clark’s second album, Black Water, earned him international recognition when the title track’s music video was nominated for an MTV Europe Animation Award. His music has been used on national television as well as being playlisted on the biggest radio stations in South Africa. This was quite a big moment for Gerald Clark as he was up against Yvonne Chaka Chaka, another true SA legend!

Gerald Clark is honestly a legend himself, and many other South African artists would agree. Gerald has worked with SA’s best musicians on and off stage in his career. On his latest album, Afrocoustic, he had the privilege to work with members of the Johnny Clegg band and Freshly Ground. These are legendary bands in SA! He is not only successful in South Africa, but has had two tours in Czech Republic, where he reached audiences in over 40 different towns. He has also performed in the UK, Netherlands, France, Spain and has also been on tour in Belgium. He has played on most of the big stages, festivals and theatres in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Swaziland and Mozambique and is excited to share his music with Europe and beyond.

Unfortunately for us, Gerald Clark will be relocating to Europe in June. So buckle up and head over to Zebra Lounge on the 20th of February, because we won’t be seeing him perform in South Africa again any time soon. And you do NOT want to miss this man’s show.

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