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Francois van Coke is excited about Misty Waters

Fokofpolisiekar posted a video on their Facebook page, where Francois van Coke and Wynand Myburg shared with their 96 000 fans how excited they are about Misty Waters 2019. “I was there last year and it was an amazing setup and festival” says Francois van Coke. Van Coke’s show was a favourite amongst the fans at the inaugural Misty Waters Music Festival 2017.

Misty Waters is a boutique festival in its third year with a maximum capacity of only 2500. All the energy being focused on one purpose built stage, loaded with 27 of South Africa’s best talent in Rock, Blues & Folk, handpicked to offer as much variety in this genre as possible. No need to miss out on any action or run around between stages.

Every festival in South Africa is unique in it’s own right and Misty Waters is no different. Set to take place annually in May on the Highveld, where the mist over Lake Umuzi creates an eerie, exotic feeling of lands far away, where the burning bomas break the winter chill and those who stayed up all night, solving the world’s problems around the fires, will greet the sun as it rises over the Willows, hot coffee in hand, ready for what the new day has to offer.

The best way to get the real festival experience, is to pitch a tent a stone’s throw away from the stage on the festival grounds, all included in the R390 weekend ticket (online).

Slightly further away for those with caravans, camper vans, etc., is Kamp Oase with dedicated stands which are perfect for a few Rand more. At no extra cost, by prior arrangement, campers may check in on Thursday already and depart on Monday morning to avoid peak traffic.

A short walk further, over the bridge, Umuzi Lodge with thatched chalets being the next step to the experience (Sorry, Umuzi is already fully booked for this festival). Adjacent to Umuzi Lodge, at the Waterfront, you will find InnGreen, a minimalistic, environmentally friendly Hotel with double or twin rooms. The Rock fraternity, renowned for their environmental conscientiousness, will be happy that more than 80% of the energy consumed by InnGreen, is produced by the sun.

But why not do it in style? Ideal for couples, the romantic Merchant Hotel @ Lake Umuzi, will be for those couples who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and who know that Love and Rock go hand in hand. Staying at The Merchant, you will have more than just a chance to walk past some of the artists or have breakfast with them.

It is a mix of the more well-known bands and the best of the up and coming musicians who will surprise many. It will be a musical and visual discovery of the raw talent that graces our shores. If you may not have heard of some of them before, you are sure to remember them afterwards and to tell those who missed out, of your exciting discoveries.

The year’s line-up consists of Spoegwolf, Fokofpolisiekar, Albert Frost and Tubatsi Moloi, Taxi Violence, Straatligkinders, Black Cat Bones, Sean Koch, Emile Swiegers, Jerry and the bandits, FlØris, Don’t poke the bear, Adelle Nqeto, Hellcats, Saarkie, Tidal Waves, Basson Laubscher and the Violent Free Peace, Wolfgang Marrow, Raygun Royale, Deon Bakkes and the Stolen Horses, Earl Grey and Croquet, Shutup It’s Sunday, The Lebowski, Monkeys in Boots, Warongx, Kings of Improg, Zebra, Black Water.

Misty Waters is a 3-day Musical Adventure for young and old. Kids up to 6 years enter free, 7 to 17 year olds pay R290 and 18 years and above R390, for the weekend or part thereof. For the locals, once you have your weekend band, you may come and go as you wish during the festival weekend (own cooler boxes only allowed if you are camping).

More information and online ticket sales can be found on

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